Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 3


Tanq frndzz for reading DevShi previous epi’s..


Dev is a powerful one in cinema specially in Artdirecting,VFX..
After that day’s work is finished,Dev goes to other movie crews n help them to take stories in a spl screen look…
While going to home,Dev calls the Director of movie”ShivMeera”
N said”Chotu is talking angrily because of his belief in me.Dont take tat wrongly…I know Hardworking never fails..U’ll win 1 day..I’ll help U to reach tat..Bt U must work hard”
Director catch the point tat Dev is talking about the hero..who scolds him(director)..
N said”Sir..I didnt take tat serously..Tanq Dev Sir..I ll work hard”
Dev leaves from there n reach his home..

Taking his lap,he creates the face of a little girl who is a secret in ShivMeera story..
Bt,He get an angel face..Its none other than Sona..
Dev thinks with a smile”I try to draw the face of tat little ghost girl in the story..Bt I get a face of an angel-ghost”
Dev thinks”Tiz face looks mesmerising..”
N decided to make tat secret in the story is Angelic-ghost he got.n calls the Director..
Director:”Sir..Any Urgent Sir..I ‘ll come to ur home”
Dev:”Nothing like tat..The secret is an angel actually a ghost..I made tat fiction face..U need to see tat..I email tat..Bt U select anyone for tat role..”
Director:”Sure Sir..I’ll check..Tanq”
Dev:”C u in offc”..
N cuts the call..

Dev closed his eyes n strts sleeping..
A voice:”Dev..Tanq for creating..”
Dev thinks he is in dream..
Bt,again a voice near his ears:”Tanq Dev..”
Dev opens his eyes..n see the same angellic-ghost near his face..
Dev was shocked n thinks”Hw??I didn’t make her coming to this world by my power..Bt how??”
Angelic ghost smiles n said”Again Tanq Dev for creating me”

Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Maybe Its look like “Enchanted” bt not like that..
Tanq frndzz for reading n kindly write ur thoughts after reading..

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