Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 2


Kindly read the Epi full..I assure the Epis ‘ll make its cute memories of DevShi in ur valves of the heart..Tanq for reading the 1st epi..n also for Ur thoughts..
While introducing Dev’s character,strting of the story makes the thinking of “Dev is nothing here”..Bt tats for making twists of the story..n trying to make a DevShi story something new.like as in others’ style of writing…I’ll try to present the 2 stories before..Bt,ended earlier..because of failures n confusions or unclear style of writing or due to my late posts..or..maybe U r new to the story..I try to give my best DevShi story Like My previous Story “To my Caramel” abt 4Superhumans-Mohan,Abhi,Yuv,Malay..live in an unknown time n their luv’s n also DevShi in future..
I ‘ll trying my best in story n reduce my mistakes one by one in coming..Sorry for the confusions..

“Characters Shiv n Meera r k..Bt,What is the mystery?Is it a revenge like other films or anything new?Any one asked about it frm Sir? “The Director asks the crew..
The crew seems fear n none says even a single word..
Like the crew,many crews r waiting for their scripts..
The securities saw someone is coming towards the entrance who has Long Haired,French bearded,Red T,Blue Jean n headphones on his ears..
Actually he comes in walking..
“YeyeyoYeYoOyeelo..Raandeyelo”(Mohenjo-Mohenjodaro (especially female voice in repeating mode)plays in his earphones..
While the securities sees him,they run towards the entrance n welcomes him..
“Good morning Dev Sir”the securities salutes him..
Dev nods his head..

A car is coming towards the securities n him..
Suddenly it stops n a man who is actually a star hero come..
He strts running towards them ..
“Gud mrng Sir..”he said..n also”The whole people r waiting for U”
Dev strts walking..The hero sent the car out n also strts walking behind Dev..
Director of The Story of Meera-Shiv sees them n welcomes them..
Aftr few minutes,Dev first strts..
He said”The Secret of Shiv n Meera’ s luv is A king who luvs Meera”
The director thinks”Am I waiting for this old concept?”
Dev again said”Or..Waiting for the old concept”..n sees the director..
The director shocked..The hero sees them n realised what happen..The hero said with an anger”Story is Sir’s.. Selecting U as a director is a big wish for Ur career..Do U know U r selected by Sir..He said to me tat U r special in direction..Tatsy he selected U..Bt U think wrongly about Sir”
Dev interruptly said”Chotu.. ”

Director said”Sorry Sir..I didn’t think wrongly..”
Dev:”I know..I just want to get ur new thoughts in story..Tatsy I make U wait..”
N said in his ears in a mild voice”The secret is a little girl”
The director asked”Sir..Still I didn’t get it..”
Dev said”Just wait for tat..”n call the VFX.. members..
N also said”Except the particular locations of Meera n Shiv in the script of the story,U all strts the works”
The VFX team nods their heads n said”S Sir”
Dev to VFX members:”I ‘ll supervise especially U all frm now”
Hero,Director,The whole crew stunned while hearing tiz..
The news spread to other crews (teams)…

Hope U like tiz..Dev Said “Just wait for that (nxt)” in above..
It maybe Sona’s..entry..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts..

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  1. Thankyou for making it easy it is interesrting

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..Hope U got the story..keep continue reading..

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