Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 15


Hi frndzz!!Dont miss the feather n flute track of Dev!!Hope U like DevShi here..

Pre:Dev enters his creative story with Sona to see Sona’s parents..A arrow hits Dev unconscious Surrounded by gorilla soldiers..
While Dev’s eyes opening,he is in a castle of a king under the reign of Emperor Aurangazeb..
Sona:”Pa..Ma..Dev is my life..Plz save him”..
The news of Dev’s coming reached the head of gorilla soldiers of Chathrapathi Shivaji too…

Now:Play of Flute n Feather….

Shiv(Sona’s Pa) hugs Meera n Sona for making them calm..”I will kill U all if U harm my Son..U don’t know If my son Dev thinks to escape,U’ll not have power to stop him”..

The king (surprised while seeing Dev):”Dev..I didn’t know our soldiers make U captive..They didn’t know..Sorry for them..Welcome Dev..I ‘ll make our arrangements”
Call the soldiers n said abt the arrangements…
The king leaves the castle..

Dev sees through window again..
The same girl looks like princess still
dancing there..

Sufi n Hindustani music of plays r played by musicians whom surrounding her..

Dev(thinks):”Maybe now we ll meet for Sona”
Dev whistles n he made his moves in his fingers like playing a flute..

Musicians hear the flute music of Dev..They stopped their music..Princess also stopped her dance..
1 of Musicians(in surprising):”Wah Allah?Mesmerizi music..Who plays tiz”..
Other Musicians too seems accepting tiz n in mesmerizi..
Dev crosses the entrance of the room..
The soldiers surprise while seeing Dev’s TshirtJean look n also about the music…

N one by one they dropped their weapons n strts walking behind Dev while hearing music..
Flute play (Music while Sarman (Hrithik)seeingShops(Movie:Mohenjodaro))from Dev’s…

Dev walks towards the princess n musicians..
They also turned back bcoz of feeling Flute play is near..

The musicians n princess surprised by Dev’s look n Flute play..
Dev sees them..A flute slowly appears between his finger ..A peacock feather comes in air n falls on Dev’s hand on side (Note:For a best touch of flutedescrib)
The musicians stand n welcome Dev..
They r surprised while seeing the real flute n also the soldiers behind Dev…
Princess (surpriszoom eyes):Welcome Dev!!

Dev (smiles)..:”Would U come with me to meet Queen?”..

Princess n Dev goes towards the Queen’s place…
Dev (thinks):”I must say about all to Queen” n thinks Sona…
The Jam momend,Duck n Shooter,The Black curved dot of Sona’s eyes…All

Loc:Sona’s residence..
Sona seems almost lost all in life..
While seeing Chendoor near God’s statue,
Jam moment:Dec makes Jam makeup on Sona’s face comes n tears of eyes comes ….
Also words”Shi In me”of Dev in his painting of Sona..also comes in Dev’s mind..
Hope U like this frndzz.. .
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading…I made a small start of the new story..Ill share it Soon frndzz..Tanqq…Take Care???
Epi14:Episode 14

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      1. I like the story but you are stupid

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      Sorryyy Manvi..I realise U didn’t like tat..Its not the full track of Epi15..Only a half one..Kindly read the previous epis..

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      The real fact abt the princess is Sona’s frnd..She teach Sona how to play flute..Kindly read the previous ones Manvi..Hope U get the gud story on tat.. The princess is a frnd only..I just made like tat..just started writing.. Sorryyy..

    4. HarSHaN

      Y I ‘m Manvi?!!

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