Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 14


Pre:Sona make butterfly sitting on Zia’s little nose…Zia claps with smiley eyes..While clicking Zia with butterfly as a pic,Sona sees a butterfly on Dev’s lower lips..DevShi strts journey to see Sona’s parents with many 1000s of butterflies…

Now:The New Thread of DevShi

Dev left hand holds Sona’s left hand n they r on opposite to each other..

Dev’s eyes locked by Sona’s eyes….

Dev waving his right hand fingers towards Sona…Some butterflies r rounded on Sona’s hands like bangles…

Sona(surprise,bigeyes):”Howw…cute..I hope my bangles r cute if it look like tiz”(seeing Dev with smile)…

Dev (smile):”Cute is ur gift,Shi..”

Sona (surprise)while seeing (WingsofButterflies co-ordinated slowly n turns like a butterflymade winged bangle)…

Sona(smilesss):”Bangles by Colored Wings of Butterflies”….

(Borrowed from Old Story of mine (In tat story,Mohan made a bubble gum winged butterfly by his bubblegum and made it fly near the car glass))

Wings of butterflies in bangle slowly opens n slowly closed..simultaneously…….

Surrounding Butterflies of DevShi slowly decreases Bt the bangles remain constant…..

DevShi reached the place where Sona’s parents meet…(near a castle)

Shiv n Meera’s eyes tears while seeing their daughter…
Sona hugs them….

(Pre:Dev created a story for a histofict film named “ShivMeera” n try to made Sona as a ghost daughter of ShivMeera….Bt he draw an angelic image..none other than Sona..While seeing the drawing,Dev wish to see her n named “Sona” by interchanging na? So,..)

Dev(stress):”Sorry for making late..I promise tat I keep Sona safe..My ma.. … wish I m fine If I’ll live with So….nn…aaa fore.. .ver..I wish too..I…
(While Dev strts talking,ShivMeera sees his face n srtrs hearing)….

An arrow comes n attacks on back of Dev’s neck…

ShivMeera takes their sword while seeing the arrow…

Sona (Eyetears n shocks):”Dev…”(big shocked teary eyes)

Dev falls on ground slowly..Shiv n Meera hold Dev…

Sona(cries,begs):”Dev…Plz…WakeUp..I ‘ll not ask U to make me as a ghost forever…Plz”..(by shaking his shoulders)..

Dev slowly closed the eyes…
While he closing,gorilla soldiers surrounded them…

ShivMeera with their swords sees the soldiers for attacking if they come near DevShi…

Dev (think a wish):”Make Sona n her parents safe”
Sona n ShivMeera disappears frm place…
Bt before making the next wish of Dev”Make me safe to go home” his eyes closed unconsciously..

Loc:ShivMeera temporary hidden residence
Sona (cryvoice):”Ma,Pa..Plz make Dev’s life safe..Plz help him..”…..

….”He is my life…”(without control)

Meera(sees Shiv with eyetears):”Shiv..Go to castle to help our Son..I m with Sona here”

Shiv actually had swords on his two hands strts riding his horse towards castle…
While reaching,Dev is not there..Shiv searched all place..

Dev (shock):”Who r they?They r not our soldiers…These new surely make Dev a captive”..

Reaching residence with mixture of angry n sad..

Sona,Meera:”Where is Dev?””Where is our Son?”..
Shiv silently stands n his head falls down..
N hugs Meera n Sona for making them calm…
With thinking”I ‘ll kill U n make my Son escape.. Y me?If he awake,He escaped if he just think”….

Loc:Unknown….(Just a Imagine one..Not for intending someone n something)
Actually A castle….One of the regions Under Emperor Aurangazeb(At tat time)

Dev turns conscious n slowly opens his eyes…where he is..

The king’s place…
Soldier(giving his respect by sign)in rush :”Ozoor..He is awake..”

King:”I ‘ll come to see him..Now U go..”

The king makes his go to Dev’s place…
Dev(opening eyes,think):”Where am I Now?”..
N guess the place by thinking where it is in the story he created…n see the handcuffs …
The handcuffs r disappeared..

N stands from the bed n see through window…

A group of Sufis play Sitara instruments n Jingles..

A girl seems like a princess dances at the centre by waving her hands…slowly…for the music…

While she turns,She sees Dev is seeing her through the window..

Plays of Hindustani musical flute sounds in bg…while her eyes see Dev…

Dev turns back n think (“Why She see me like tiz?”)n surprised…
Smiles.. .

Dev(think):”I need to meet her for Sona”..

While thinking,the king enters n see Dev..

King(seeing soldiers)(surprise):”U take Dev here,Writer of Us”(Para Looks like movie “Inkheart” Bt not like tat)…

News of Dev’s coming n his meet with Shiv reaches the head of gorilla soldiers of Chathrapathi Shivaji…too

Loc:Dev’s home….(Modernworld)

Ma prepares spl food for DevShi…
Zia plays flute cute bt not correctly by O2 of her lips …
Ma smiles while seeing tat…

Zia (smiles):”Mamma…When Angel is coming?”

Hope U like this frndzz
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading….
Epi13: http://www.tellyupdates.com/devshi-krpkab-epi-13/

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