Where is DevShi?? (KRPKAB) Epi 13


Pre:Zia presented a pink rose to Sona..Dev draws a sharp teeth on his painting of Sona..Ma gifts a WhiteTsh,Pinkish frock to Sona…


A butterfly’s change….

Aftr Dev takes pics of cute Sona,Zia n Ma,…

Dev holds Sona hand n enters his room…

Dev (thinks):”I wish to see Sona’s parents in the Story with Sona.n also….”

Thousands of butterflies suddenly appear on the room…

Dev holds Sona’s hand tightly…
DevShi surrounded by butterflies n their journey strts slowly….

Dev turns into Kaaliya look of dressing (ChothaBheem)…

A cute memory of ChothaBheem saving princess comes on Sona’s minds…

Sona(seeing Dev n smiles):”Dev..Actually.I thought How U look like Bheem?Bt U look Laskan(Luv) in Kaaliya luk”…

Wings of Butterflies slowly waves…
Dev (smiles):”Shi,U Luv tiz Kaaliya”(surprise)…
“Sanam re (Reprise) plays in bg”…
The cute voice makes DevShi surprised n turns back to see…
Still They r in the room…
Dev(smilee):”Hey,Chothuuu..We r coming after seeing Sona’s parents…”
(Dev sees Sona in childish n he begs “Don’t make me Surrender to Zia” via his eyes)..
(Sona catches a butterfly n give tat to Zia n go near Zia..)
Sona (In Zia’s ears)(mild)(big eyes of surprise):”I wish to tell the magic of flute,to my Cutie..” n makes the butterfly sit on Zia’s little nose…
The wings of the butterfly slowly waves…
Zia claps her hands n trying to Say something…
Sona sees her trying…
Sona (smiles):”Sssshhh(sound)(by making her finger lying on her lips)..Zia..If U speak,Butterfly fly…Plz Cutie,Be still for a sec..”
Zia sees her with smiley eyes…n her thumb finger shows”K…”n smiles…
Dev sees tat all n Smiles..While smiling,his white teeths r lightly seeing out..A butterfly sits accidentally sit on Dev’s lower lip..

Sona runs towards Dev n said”Dev..How cute..Click Zia with butterfly..Y U open ur mouth like tiz..Butterfly…!!”.. n reach Dev..

Dev’s smile turns fake angry n sees Sona..n Takes mobile slowly n clicks Zia with butterfly…

While hearing Sounds,Ma also coming to the room..
N sees the butterflies n smiles…
Ma (mildvoic):”What is going,here?”
While Dev sees Ma,He hides behind Sona..Zia runs towards them,n hides behind Dev…
Sona(sees Big eyes of guilty):”Ma..I’m not..”
Ma smiles while seeing Horns on Sona’s head by Dev’s fingers…
Ma:”Dev..U ‘ll go to see Sona’s parents with Sona..After U n Sona,I ‘ll speak with U.. “”Zia..Come With me,dear”(smile) n leaving the room..
Zia n Dev slowly sees out from behind Sona..n slowly comes out…
Zia runs towards Ma after seeing DevShi with a smile..
Dev holds Sona’s hands with a smile…
With thousands of butterflies,DevShi enters the story (Pre:which is created by Dev n Sona comes from There”)..

Hope U like this frndzz.. Tanq for reading n write ur comments after reading…
Tanqq.. …

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  1. Nice and you will never understand my feelings
    For you

    1. Aaru

      Wat feelings??

      1. Why should I tell you

    2. HarSHaN

      Sorry Sabina..I didn’t mean to hurt U..I m Sorry If my words r hurting U..I respect n understood ur feelings..Bt,Plz ..I m Sorry If my writings make U feel like tiz..

      1. Your story didn’t make me feel it just I don’t know how but when I’m read you ff i just want to read

      2. I’m so sorry if I hurt you

    3. HarSHaN

      I bow for respecting Ur feelings.. Sabina..I understood..I believe gud heart n gud care/respect towards pure(luv) makes to win pure one..We ,all r pure..

      1. I don’t know what to do when your story didn’t even upload I get worry if somethings happened to you I’m so sorry

    4. HarSHaN

      Sabina….I ‘ll write my Stories daily..Surely,A epi..everyday..U didn’t hurt me earlier even now too…I m very happy to see U..First I think U say about detectivestories..Tats also Ur 1st comment for me..Bt U again Said..Also I m a known one to U by epis..I don’t know how to Say..I always believe,”A man’s Respect,Gud hearted n Gud care towards a woman (who he already little intro with her,maybe without knowing each other faces) only makes him a real win in woman’s heart..or vice versa..Beauty is in hearts not in faces”….Frndzz??…?☺??

      1. HarSHaN

        Already We r all frndzz Here…??

      2. I don’t think that you want to be friends with me. I will try best to forget you.

      3. And please update soon

      4. I really love to read your stories

      5. HarSHaN

        I think I don’t know how to reply…I think It maybe correct now..Concentrate on Studies..n work hard to stand by urself..Maybe God knows what is next??

      6. I’m fan of KRPKAB and like to read stories. Whenever you you stories I read I just got this feet and if I keep lost myself into than how come I can concentrate on studies.

      7. HarSHaN

        I wish U concentrate on ur studies n spl gift frm god too(singing,drawing,playing musicinstr,games etc.. )I wish Amiga do tiz..

  2. Amazing

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Devika..

    2. Your welcome

  3. Aaru

    D episode was really vry cute..jst like butterflies..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Aaru..

  4. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi☺

  5. Esme

    Ur supernatural writing skills rock !!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Esme?

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