Where is DevShi? (KRPKAB) Epi 10


Pre:Sona is hearing KalaChasmas by sitting near Dev..While hearing Dev’s voice,slowly opens the eyes with thinking”Omg..Chapter close..”

Now..DevShi With Flavours of Flute…

Sona writes”Where is DevShi Tom?”on bottom of her painting by Dev..n comes to room..Falls on bed..A hand touches Sona’s head softly..Sona shocked n turns back.Its Ma’s hands..

Sona (With eyetears):Maa…

Ma hugs Sona to calm her..
Ma (thinks):”Sona is fine if she ‘ll be here than Dev’s story..I need to talk to Dev Tom”..

Ma makes Sona sleep.. N she sleeps..

Early Morning..Dev’s sleep was interrupted by a flute play…

Dev opens his eyes slowly….
Dev (think):”Who plays tiz mesmerizing music?”

Flute (Version “Teri Khair Mangdi”(Album:BaarBaarDekho))
Music comes frm Kitchen.. .

Dev (surprise):”Is tiz music comes frm Kitchen?”

Dev reach the kitchen..n sees Ma is preparing tea..
Dev lightly enters the Kitchen n see bt Sona is not there..
Bt Flute Music is still there..

Dev enters the Kitchen n see by moving as a Circle..
On the Corner of the Kitchen,Dev Sees Sona.. .
Sona is sitting on floor n playing a flute by waving her head like a dance to the music….
Her eyes r closed..
At the same time,A little girl enters the home with calling”Mammaa..”
While hearing the flute sound,The girl enters the kitchen n sees Dev as a statue..n Ma too turns back frequently…
She sees the Corner.. N mesmerized by Sona’s music..
While Sona finish the playing,Ma n She claps…
The cute girl runs towards Sona n sits on Sona’s lap n asks..”Can U tell me how to play?”
The cute girl:”Dear…Zia..My home is nxt to Mamma’s..”

Ma:”I must speak to Sona’s parents..If Sona is in our house,U r so lucky”(by seeing Dev)..

Sona sees Dev(in surprise n zoom)
Dev(think):”What ‘ll I do now?”(by seeing Sona)..
Dev:”After breakfast,We ‘ll go to meet Ur parents,Sona..They r eagerly wait for U”..(Remembering Sona’s parents condition)
All strts taking breakfast..
Dev sees Jam..
Flute Music n the memories of Sona n Dev as Shooter n Gun comes in Dev’s mind…
Flute Music again n again in Dev’s minds make him wake frm sitting on chair..
Stops eating,Dev goes to his room..Ma sees Dev n Sona..
Sona also sees them..

Ma (think):”Dev..I know U r unhappy for Sona going to story”

Dev in his room takes the drawing papers n seeing the painting of Sona..
Dev sees the paper in which Sona writes “Where is DevShi tom” on tat papers..
N see the direction of the dining table…
“TeriKhairMangdi”Flute Ver plays in bg…
Hope U like this frndzz..
Tanq for reading frndzz..Write ur thoughts after reading..”Luv’s 1st sec”next epi coming soon ..

Epi9: http://www.tellyupdates.com/devshi-krpkab-epi-9/

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