Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 9th May 2013 Written Update

Err ..Chalo…so we begin…with Jhallu almost killing Indru…but alas …his Guru came in between who tells him to leave him..and as usual…Indru runs for his life and Jhallu does some more maniacal of his behaviour…

Mahadev in his Guru avatar…goes to Parvati who is dressed as a married woman today…he teaches her some gyaan mudras…

Jallu comes where Vrinda is praying for Narayan…he gets mad at it..But Vrinda says that this pooja is the means to an end…and her end is Jhallu…Jhallu is still not convinced so Vrinda puts his hand on her heart (ermmm Vrinda..get a stethescope,,,ye nahi chalega) and tells that her heart beats for him and he is the one who reigns her mind (Something to this effect..please dont tell me to repea the “Swami” dialogues…I

get super duper mad hearing those) She says that she has prepared for the vidhi, which would complete the protection on Jhallu and make him invincible, even from Mahadev…Jhallu gets a super gleam in his eyes hearing this but when Vridna tells him that this pooja vidhi was prescribed by Dr. Shukracharya, Jhallu huffs and puffs and walks away!!

Parvati is on her way to Narayan mandir …when Shivji in his original form appears…and starts flirting with his wifey…Laxmiji along with Vishnuji is watching the live telecast and giving forecast and commentaries (Arrey bhai…Abhi toh tv bandh kar ke so jao!! Becharey Love birds gets so less time to gutur gu..and that too with the whole world waching!! )
Shivji congratulates Parvati on her marriage…he tells whether she has worn the attire of a married woman to show off a status which does not exists..he asks her to describe her hubby dearest…Parvati gets all teary eyed…saying that she doesnot rememeber her husband’s name..but she knows that chanting his name gives her peace…she doesnot know how he looks but I have been blessed time and again by having his darshan…I dont know how he speaks but everytime he has called me…I have been always ecstatic!! tears are streaming down her face as she says that she knows that he will never have forgotten her.even for a moment (Awww …that was one coochie moment which would bring tears to your eyes because both of them are so sad …so away from each other yet so together)
She says that she doesnot know why she is talking to him…but she knows that arguing with him as brought a kind of oneness and that she doesnot want to reject him…she hopes that everytime they meet he has questioned her awareness…but she hopes that the next time she meets him she will be able to answer him…and she goes…Mahadev blesses her saying “Tathastu, Parvati!”

Mahadev comes where Kartikeya is practising with his spear…He tells him that the peace in the world doesnot mean that nothing is happening…there is power which is jumping to come out (Parvati) ,one which is getting ready to shield (Vrinda) and one which is going towards its downfall (Jallu) (Thank you summed up this episode for me!)
Jallu and his old tape of betryal by his guru and his rant of I want to defeat Mahadev …Shukracharya is defending himself..on keeping secrets but Jhallu as usual is hearing none of it..he keeps on accusing him as having a motive in taking Jhallu as his protegee…that he did do it only because he was sShivansh and Shukracharya knew that he had it in him to defeat the Devtas…(Shukracharya ji get a cello tape! And stop this rant!! ) Shukracharya tells him that Your thoughts are completely away from the facts (he means that you have lost it..! Jhallu!!)He accuses Shukracharya of keeping a secret and thereby not ensuring his supreme protection…and finally he decides to call a big meet of devas and special invite to Yamraj and Kuber.

Precap: Jhallu abusing his position as Lokadhipati and as usual all and sundry come to Mahadev for rescue!!

Update Credit to: srushti

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