Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev and mata goes into durdum’s states with changed mutate. Mahadev says to mata that new chapter is getting started and now we have to re-establish devi saraswati. Mata says, i will help you in this situation. Soldier stops mahadev and mata and says, give us gold coins then you can go inside and if you dont have gold coins then you can give jewellery of your wife. Mahadev gives one gold coin to soldier and says, i have only this coin but it is heavy for me because i have earned with hard work. Soldier says, put into the bag. Mahadev put coin in bag then soldier fall down and mahadev then enters into city.
Amatya says to gyan murti that you are really cheap, you have done bad for me for this post. Gyan murti says, i have done this not only for this post but

i want complete state. Now your raja will only sit and i will rule. You are not so fool subuk, you have guess right i will charge for money for spreading uneducation in states. Subuk says, but those people who are getting knowledge, they will oppose you. Gyan murti says, i will give them wrong knowledge. Subuk says, there are so many knowledgable person, they will oppose you. Gyan murti says, i will call them for conversation and then i will defeat them and they order them to take mausoleum in water. Subuk says, fear from God. Gyan murti says, i have made Raja as God so i can do anything.
Soldier Tied children and force them for work then mahadev reaches there and says, let them free. Your raja has made wrong decision. If you will charge for education then how you will get developed. soldier gets angry and says, i will force you for labour then you will let know. Mahadev then defeat all soldiers.
Children gives thanks to mahadev and mata. Peoples says, this is not help because soldier will return back. Mahadev says, you are enduring exploitation thats why they do. Mahadev says to teacher that give knowledge to children free of cost. Teacher says, we will go to meet with raja and tell them our problem. Child request to come with him to meet his parents. Mahadev says, ok, if you want to invite us at your home then lets go.
Raja heard the news and gets angry and says, i have denoted amatya not only for this.I have denoted you as amatya to handle all activities and i will do only fun. Gyan murti gives present to raja and says, i know that she will give your fun.
Brahma ji thinks about all incident and feels guilty and says, i dont want to hurt to devi but i forget that anything i said is becomes truth but now i am feeling alone without you. Please forgive me devi, please bring back devi.

Precap:- gyan murti heard about mahadev and order to his soldier that i will punish that person in front of crowd so that people let know that if anyone will oppose us then he will get punishment.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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