Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th July 2013 Written Update

Mandodari considers herself fortunate to be Mahadev’s Mahan bhakt’s wife. Ravan leaves from there.
Shivji & Parvati are sitting on their aasana at Kailash. He says time is moving towards end of this Yuga.

At Ksheersagar, Lakshmiji is disturbed. Vishnuji tells her, he is aware of the reason of her being disturbed. She says, my ansh is going to be affected now. Ravan is going to hurt her.
Ravan is not able to bear Mandodari considering Shivji more important. Ravan is going on his Pushpak Viman, says He will raise higher & higher more Shivji trys to pull him down. In this ranting, his Pushpak Viman crashes. He calls for help. Vedvati comes to help him. He asks her, couldent she have come earlier? She answers, she answers she was completing

her Aaradhya’s jaap. He asks her who is her Aaradhya? She answers Narayan. He is mesmarised by her beauty, tells her to do his Bhakti. She closes her eyes, sees his past, boon tec. Tells him, you are Ravan, your life is dependant on Tridev, Brhmaji gave you boon. Mahadev gave you this name Ravan, but still you are against them?

Ravan tells her, you are Yogini, can see everything, then why aren’t you able to sense reason of my this condition?
Shivji gets angry, gets up. Parvati tells him, by trying to stop this event he can not change the Future. What is destined will happen.
Ravan moves towards Vedvati, she tells him, you are married to Mandodari, must stop now.
Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji to interfear. He says at this time, they won’t interfear, Humans have to decide on their own. What Vedvati is going to do will decide Future. Even Mahadev knows about this, he can change this event but he will not.

Ravan holds Vedvati’s hand. She tells him, You’ve touched me, I am leaving this body. She curses him, that she will be the reason for his end. Shivji appears there tells her to stop. But she says, to end this evil, I have to be reborn. She burns herself through her Yogagni. Shivji gets angry, is about to throw his Trishul on Ravan. Vishnuji appears in between them, asks him to stop. Ravan runs away. Vishnuji tells Shivji, his death is written by me. He is my Dwarpaal. Do you remember Jay, Vijay.

Parvati comes there, holds Shivji’s hand, tells him, once you’ve said, not going against destiny & following rules is Tridev’s responsibality. What Ravan did can not be forgivable But it has to be done according at the right time according to the Destiny. Vishnuji says Ravan & Kumbhkarna’s journey has to end properly.
Parvati asks about Jay, Vijay. Shivji tells her their story. Jay, Vijay were Narayan’s Dwarpaal. Once they stopped Sanat Kumars from meeting Vishnuji. They inturn were cursed to be born on Earth. Vishnuji gave them 2 options. 7 Births years of being his Bhaktas or 3 Births of being his enemy. They chose the 2nd option. They were Hiranyaksh, & Hiranyakashyapu was killed by Narayan in the 1st Yuga. They are Ravan & Kumbhkarna, will be killed by Narayan’s Human avatar. In Future they will be Dantavakra & Shishupal , will be killed by another avatar of Narayan. Had I killed Ravan today that chain would have disturbed. Now it’s time for Yugantar.

Shivji tells Ganesh you’ll have to play an important role in future.
Ravan wants to collect different varietied of Shaktis.
Vishnuji tells Shivji, a new Yuga will begin with him stepping at a place.
Shivji with Parvati is shown in White dressed as a Sadhu. A voice over says tommorow, a new Yuga will begin.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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