Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 9th January 2013 Written Update

Everyone comes to Shivji. Kartikeya & Ganesh touches his feet together. He blesses them. This is the union of entire family. Shivji says even he must be happy meeting his younger brother. Ganesh says he has become his favourite, will serve him & obey his orders. Kartikeya tells him not to interfere when 2 elders are talking. Ganesh assures him, he’ll keep that in mind, says now bhaiyya will discipline me. Parvati tells Shivji, now love between both the bros will increase. Shivji is thinking.
At Brhmalok, rishi Dadhichi asks Brhmaji to guide them. Indra with other Devas comes there, says in my absence entire arrangement of the World was disturbed, so I should be given the first aahuti. Naradji gives his special comment on Indra.
One rishi refuses to accept Indra to give first aahuti. He says till it is not decided who should be given first aahuti, all the yagyas on Earth will be stopped. Brhmaji says they should go to Shivji.
Ashok Sundari shows kartikeya the bed prepared by Ganesh for him. She asks him what does he think about Ganesh? Reminds him of him telling her about their mother doesn’t need one more son after getting him. Kartikeya says he wants to forget that. Parent’s love gets divided after arrival of more children. She tells him, no one can take his place in their parent’s life.
Ganesh comes, tells him he is a very big warrior, should teach him war techniques, Ashok Sundari agrees, that elder bro should teach his youner bro. Both bros are sitting facing each other. Kartikeya explains about different types of war. Says, war is important in our life. One of the war is fought in the battle field, one war is going on within ourself. & one is faught with the supreme power too. Ganesh says these are different varieties of war but what is the solution of war? Ashok Sundari appreciates Ganesh’s intelligence. Krtikeya says there is no solution of war in this World. Ganesh says he has a solution, hug your enemy once, feed him Modak. Kartikeya asks him has he come to learn or teach him? Ganesh says he has come just to give & accept love. All 3 bro-sis hug eachother. Kartikeya looks serious.
All the rishis & Devas are in Kailash to meet Shivji. Rishi Dadhichi asks him to solve this problem. Indra interrupts, sayin he has a solution if he declares, that the first aahuti shold be given to him then this problem can be solved. But you don’t care for respect – disrespect. Shivji gets angry, tells indra not to cross his limit. What kind of example are you setting for the World. When Devas are fighting about who is the greatest. For me all are equal. Will Suryadev stop giving light in the world if he is not proven greatest? Most important is Karma, so all of you should comcentrate on your Karma. When the importance of this basic concept is realised, you’ll find the solution. He tells everyone to leave. They obey.
Shivji tells Ganesh, Kartikeya to see to it, that no body interfears in his Dhyan. Both of them agree.
The Devas & rishis with Brhmaji go to Vaikunth. Brhmaji tells Vishnuji, Shivji is in Dhyan. Vishnuji says from Shivji’s Dhyan only, solution of this problem can e found, as who is the acceptable Dev to all. But we’ll have to wait for that.
Kartikeya & Ganesh are guarding. Rishi Parashuram, comes to Kailash. Ganesh offers his pranam to him, sys no one is allowed to go inside. Rishi Parashuram tells him had he known who am I, then you would have never dared to stop me. He moves ahead but Ganesh stops him.

Precap: There is a fight between Parashuram & Kartikeya. Ganesh tells Parashuram to calm down, solution of this problem can be found peacefully. In anger Parashuram throws his Parashu on Ganesh. Kartikeya moves ahead to stop it, but Ganesh telss him this is our father’s Shakti & he takes Parashu’s attack on him, screams with pain. Shivji comes out of his Dhyan. Parvati & Ganas too hear that, are shocked.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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