Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Malla looking at the Demon and saying we needed him only. Now he will get us what we want. Free him o king he says for he also deserves to be free, Malla reminds him that he had caught this Demon with his help and his empire is established because of that.Whatever you are is because of me so free him . The king says no as the demon is very important to me if I free him I will become weak. They exchange a lot of words. King says that he is obliged to Malla but if we free the demon he will eat anyone who comes in front of him. Malla says that is what he wants. He says that is why he has told the soldiers to get Aghora here. So that the demon eats him. Tugra says but afterwords who will protect us from the Demon. Malla says he has solution

for that too

At Kailash Kartikeya thanks Rishi Markandeya for describing the three forms of the mother Goddess.And getting g them to see Ma Chandraghanta the third form. Ganesh ji says that they have found peace by listening to it. Markandeya says its his pleasure. Kartikeya says all his fears for Mother have vanished.

Ganesh is eager to hear about the forth form.

Mahadev is holding Gyan sabha. Kashyap asks you are timeless. You know all.Tell us the essence aand meaning of wisdom and knowledge.

Mahadev says that anything that increases cruelty hatred etc is ignorance and anything which reduces it is knowledge. Ignorance breeds irresponsibility while knowledge teaches responsibility. Knowledge leads too helping others. Respect and compassion is knowledge. Ignorance is wordiness and knowledge takes one towards truth. Knowledge gives moksha. Self-knowledge is the best knowledge.

Suddenly they hear a baby cry.Mahadev says the son of King of Vidarbhha satyarth who is my devotee is crying. King of Taludesh killed Satyarth. Satyarth’s wife has taken shelter in the forest to save her son. But she is also dead. The child needs protection.

Bramhadev says in Parvati’s absence Mahadev is playing duel tole of Ardhanarishwar

Mahadev holds the little baby in his arms. And blesses him that he will be do great deeds. After Mahadev vanished a lady comes with her son , She is surprised to see the baby and looks around as to his parents whereabouts. She sees a farmer and asks him about it. The farmer who is actually Mahadev tells her that the child is son of King satyarths. His parents are dead. And its Gods will that you raise him. Take him with you. She takes the child with her.

Mani screams Mata. He says that I saw her go. I have to stop her. I will please her so much that no outside force can take her away. Another Aghori says he knows of a way to please Ma so that she doesn’t go anywhere. Mani asks what. Aghori says worship Shiva. Mani does not like this suggestion and he hits the Aghori. Mani says what if this does not work? Mani decides to do MahaAghor Vrat to please Mahadev

On the other side of the Universe. The king, Malla and Tugra alomg with their people vacate the place leaving the Demon and Aghora behind. Malla says Aghora’s end is a certainity. A soon as he will enter the cave he will see the big idol and he will go forward to get the small idol . As soon as he does that he will reach the same spot where the demon is . When they will face each other we would have escaped.

Precao: Demon Aghora face off. Indra saying its impossible for ordinary person to kill Demon. Brihaspati says Aghora is not ordinary

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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