Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 8th May 2013 Written Update

J (Jalandhar) Is standing at the Sea shore, Indra comes there, tells him he wants to give an important info, if you want to defeat Shivji. J catchs Indra from his neck. Indra manages to convince him in leaving him, with his drama. Indra says becoming Devraj is easy but to remain as Devraj is very difficult. Mahadev made me Devraj. But he Mahadev to help me in war, he said whatever you are undergoing is because of your own deeds. He only made me Devraj. He’ll consider you an outsider, you will be always under him. You can ask Shukracharya. J gets angry, warns him not to say anything against anything against his Guru. Indra tells him Shukracharya is Mahadev’s devotee. Evan a fool can understand whose side he’ll take when time comes.
Aadi Yogi tells Parvati,

through Mudra of hand we can control prana. Chin Mudra , breathing here takes prana downwords under the navel. Chinmayi Mudra, takes parana upwords towards navel. Aadi Mudra , takes prana upwords towards Head. Merudanda mudra needed for Spinal chords, Purna mudra, effects entire body. Close your eyes, take your prana towards correct direction, with your Guru’s kripa you’ll experience prana. He repeats all the Mudra in order & Paravti follows. He Blesses her.
Lakshmiji says this is Shivji’s anukampa. If he wants he can restore all the Powers- sidhhi, Nidhi, Vidyas in Paravti but he is doing it step by step, he is not using it for his personal use. Not only Pravati but everyone will get benifited with this Yoga. Shivji is acting as a husband & a Guru both. Vishnuji says that’s why he is known as Devadhi Dev Mahadev
J is angry at Indra for what he spoke about his Guru, is about to catch his neck. Shukracharay stops him, tells him let Indra go. Mahadev is my aaradhya.
Shivji tells Ganesh, Kartikeya, Himavan, etc. very soon a war will start. Everyone will have to participate in it. Ganesh says but mata hasn’t gained her memories back. Even she has to participate in this war. When will she attain her aadi shakti form? Shivji says, very soon. Parvati has compeleted Yama , Niyan. Aasan, Pranayam. These stages were for the body. They are an important achievement for her. Now it’s time for internal steps, Dharana, Dhyan & Samadhi. She will continue with Pratayhaar. After Shambhavi Mudra, she will achieve all the other stages fast.
He tells Mena, Paravti will get her partial memory soon , we have to take care of her, don’t tell her anything, let her find the answer herself.
Here Parvati tells Mena, she is aware of being married, but am not aware whom am I married to? Who is my Swami? I know I hhave children, but am not aware who they are? Where they are? Are they eager to seeme? They must be in pain? Ganesh is sad. Parvati tells Mena, she will find those answers. Puts Sindur . Shivji has a smile on his face seeing this. Parvati says she is aware that for some very important task her presence is awaited But with this partial memory I am unable to understand that. Even you & father must have felt bad with my Swami & children, seeing me in this condition. I know you have all the answers for my Questions, But I’ll find my answers on my own. Parvati puts Sindur on her forehead, Shivji has a smile on his face. Even Ganesh & Kartikeya are happy.
J tells Shukracharay , he shouldn’t have done that. Shukracharya trys to stops him

Precap: Shivji tells Parvati, right now there is a big change taking place. At one place a Shakti is getting realized ( Paravti is shown), at other place another Shakti is getting ready ( Vrinda is shown praying to Vishnuji’s idol) & another Shakti is going towards darkness ( J is stitting near the Sea). Things are not as peaceful as they seem to be. …

Update Credit to: mnx12

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