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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mata parvati and mahadev conversation. Mata ask from mahadev, what will be the result, if devi saraswati will not speak. Mahadev says, uneducation takes over education. Raja durdum denotes gyan murti as minister. Mahadev says, he was really educated and cultured person and he always teach everyone and he worships devi saraswati and durdum is his best friend and due to devi saraswati, look at the first result of injustice. Raja durdum welcomes gyan murti and amatya refuses raja decision, he says, i will leave this post only one condition, if any one show me that he is best to handle the country. Durdum insults amatya and says to gyan murti, explain him, why i am throw him. Gyan murti ask from amatya then amatya says, we have expense lot of money on education and defense and

make our country educated. Guru Gyan murti says, it is all waste, you are wasting money in education. Mahadev says, look, now gyan murti always teach to anyone but now he is saying to sell education.
Amatya says, how will poor people gets education. Gyan murti says, if everyone will get education then who will work for us. Amatya says, i will tell to people that your are taking wrong decision. Durdum order to capture amatya.
Mahadev says, this is starting and slowly slowly this will capture whole world.
Amatya Son comes and refuses and says, you are doing wrong decision. Gyan murti says, come and defeat me in education. Gyan murti says, tell me who is great, Raja or God. Amatya son says, God is great. But if raja is good then we can says that he is holy person. Gyan murti says, that enough, God is virtual and raja is real. Durdum denotes gyan murti as winner. Amatya says, this is injustice. Soldiers capture amatya son and amatya too.
Mata ask from mahadev that why are you not doing anything? Mahadev says, every person has to learn their own lesson and it is balance in whole world but some people cant able to take it balancing and due to this, imbalance occurs. Soldier gives slogan to crowd that raja is throw amatya and denote new amatya.
Crowd says, raja has taken everything from us. Mata says, world is covered up with uneducation. Mahadev says, it will educated until education will again come as sun in world.
People comes to ashram for teaching to their children then teacher says, give me 10 gold coins then your children will get education. Raja does tyranny to crowd.
Gyan murti calls amatya and his son then he gives decision that whether amatya son will take mausoleum or we will kill your father. Amatya son takes mausoleum in water.
Kartikaya takes permission from mahadev to take action against durdum but mahadev stops him and says, we have to stop it from root. Ganesh ji says then what will do? Mahadev says, me and parvati will find devi saraswati and go in between people and create balance.

Precap:- Mahadev transform themselves and says to soldier that make free education for children.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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