Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th July 2013 Written Update

After that splendid wedding of Ganesh with Siddhi and Buddhi.. it was Kartikeya’s turn.

Kartikeya requests Mahadev and Parvati if he could invite someone to his wedding!
The darling parents say that they would themselves bring whom he recalls and wishes to be a part of his wedding. K feels blessed!
Ganesh tells to his new wives that its upon him to take away their sorrow and bring joy to them on their bidayee.

Back at Lanka
As Raavan mounts his pushpak vimaan, Chandrnaka and Vibheeshan inquires as to where was he going to?

Raavan replies Maydanav.
Vibheshan exclaims hearing the name.. and asks why?

Raavan informs them that Maydanav and he are to going to make something which

will be great and impossible.

On asked what would that be, Raavan suggests them to talk to pitahmah, he will tell them what is gonna happen to him looking at the 9 planet location. They see their elder bro fly away in high speed (Raavan didn’t anyone tell u ‘Speed thrills, but kills?’ wonder whats with the traffic rules then!)


Back at the rushed wedding.

The whole var paksh ie groom’s side arrive at Brhmlok… They all payv their reverence towards Brhmdev and Sarswati devi.
K stops from moving ahead, on asked by G he says that he is waiting for G asks who is was.. Mahadev n Parvati devi appear along with all the Kritikas, Minakshi devi.

K is overwhelmed to see all there and takes the blessings of Kritikas and Minakshi devi.. they feel complete and blessed to see K successful in life.

The wedding ceremony starts with gladness and good will in everyone’s feel.. sacred mantras are chanted..

They do the pheras… occasionally stealing glances with each other the Kartikeya and Devsena bind in the holy matrimony with all the devtas and Tridevs n Tridevis as the witness of their ultimate union.

After the phere, putting on the Mangal sutr (sacred thread) and sindoor the newly wed take the blessings of their elders.


Raavan flies flies n flies…in his plane. Mahadev being trikaal darshi knows Raavan is upto something!

Raavan reaches Maydanav’s place and is welcomed by the man himself, who happens to be honored to have Ravan there ..
Raavan is impressed to see Maydanav’s architecture and Vastu of his palace.

Raavan shares how big an admirer he is of his Vastu knowledge.. Maydanav is humbled to know that. Raavan then asks him to create a certain thing which will be known for its enormity- he wishes Maydanav to make a mayaview..As he says this he happens to see a maiden watering the plants.. from the balcony where he was standing.

He goes down to the garden and her fragrance and beauty makes him crazy
Raavan decides to near the lady and as he does that the grass on which he walks burns with each step he takes.
As Raavan stands right behind her she feels it and turns around.. they look at each other..on asked by the lady who he was, he father Maydanav replies that it is Raavan.
She puts down the water pot and welcomes him introducting herself as Maydanavv’s daughter Mandodri.

Raavan asks for Mandodari’s hand in marriage with him to Maydanav.. the latter feels humbled to know this and he is ok with the proposal, but then he says that it Mandodari whose gonna marry so she has to let them know the verdict.

Mandodari says that its unexpected and pleasing to know that Lankesh wants to marry someone like her..and accepts gladly They go inside the palace and discuss the wedding formalities.. Mandodari is shocked to see the grass burn cause of Raavan’s energy.

The next thing we know is Raavan n Mandodari get married..with the same customs(looks like writers ko koi aur type ka wedding ata hee nai.. no diversity in thoughts – same mangal sutr, phre n sindoor.. even in danavs n daytays?)


At Kailash

The newly wed couples/ triples..arrive and are welcomed by devi Paravti..
Parvati devi recollects the first time when she came to Kailash after her marriage with Shiva

They all thank and take the blessings of all who attended their weddings


At Lanka.

Raavan and Mandodari’s first night is arranged with a thousand lamps.

Mandodari says that she is very lucky to have a husband like him.. when Raavan tries to take her hands in his.. she utters that she is honoured to be the wife of Mahadev’s fav devotee as she is a Mahadev bhakt herself. And that is the main reason wy she got married to him so hastily.

Hearing this Raavan is pissed off.. and he screams like crazy, scaring poor Mandodari off… it was his same old mirror cracking scream!

Precap: Raavan assaults a lady and she burns her body which he touched..and curse that she will be the reason for his end.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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