Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th January 2013 Written Update

Ganesh, Ashok Sundari, Mushaks & Ganas are playing, they are discussing who should play with the ball? Ganesh show his palm, asks which one is his first finger? Ganas & Mushak points at the first finger & thumb. Ganesh says there is nothing as first o rlast, from wherever one starts is called the beginning. He starts the game by running.

Bali is starting his Mhayagya. Sumali asks him to clear his doubt first. He asks him, since Bali has invited people of every sect & everyone gives first aahuti to their ishtadev, whose aahuti should be given first in this Mahayagya? Various rishis present there suggests, Narayan, Shakti, rishi Dadhichi suggests Mahadev. Bali intervens saying this Mahayagya is for everyone’s welfare. Kashyap says, that’s why they are present here, but who should be given first aahuti has to be decided first. Rishi Bhrigu suggests, they should go & ask Brhmaji. They all leave to find the answer. Bali is thinking.

At Kailash Shivji is thinking, Parvati asks the reason, he says there is a doubt in the World currently, about who is the biggest among all?
At Brhmaloka, Brhmaji tells the rishis, this question is very difficult to answer.

At Vaikunth Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji the same question, he says everyone will have to forget their Ishtadev & decide on the one who is loved the most.

Ganesh is running with the Ganas,Ashok Sundari. She tells Ganesh, you have started this game but who will end it? Ganesh says not to worry, he only will finish this game. Kartikeya comes, both the bros look at each other. Ganas are happy seeing him. Kartikeya says he’ll finish the game & will win too. Ashok Sundari goes running to meet him, both are happy meeting each other after many years. He looks at Ganesh, says so you are my younger brother. Ganesh too goes to meet his K bhaiyya. Says you are my elder brother, should take your blessings. He touches Kartikeya’s feet. Kartikeya says he is pleased to see him being so humble. Mushak says he is brave & generous too . Ganas says every one is happy with his presence at Kailash including his parents. All Devi, Devatas too are happy. Entire World likes the auspiciousness brought by him. Kartikeya says he is happy at the achievements Ganesh has got at such an young age. But you all have never appreciated my achievements like his. I havegot rid of all the asuras from the World, have returned from Vishva-vijay. Nanadi tells him Ganesh is the youngest, everyone appreciates the youngest. Kartikeya says he wasn’t there so Ganesh got the chance to do a lot, now since he is here, things will be different.

Ganesh asks his bhaiyya, will he play with him. Kartikeya agrees, asks about how is it played. Ganesh says the ball is thrown first, we’ll run to get it, whoever retirns first with the ball is the winner. Ashok Sundari informs Parvati about Kartikeya’s arrival, she goes running to meet him. Here Kartikeya throws the ball, both he & Ganesh are ready to run, starts running, ball seems so near yet too far. Paravti reaches there, calls Kartikeya. Both the bros stop. Kartikeya meets Parvati. She is surprised at how both the brothers have already started playing. Ganesh tells her, he never enjoyed defeating Ganas & Mushaks, wanted some challange, so he is looking foreword to playing with his bro .

Kartikeya tells Ganesh, this game had to be stopped, but you would have surely lost. Nandi is surprised at at Kartikeya’s attitude. Ganesh tells him, this game can be started anytime, but right now we all 3 should embrace mother. Parvati calls them to her. It’s a happy family hug of Paravti, Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari & Ganesh. Shivji is smiling at this scene sitting on his aasan.

Precap: Parashuram comes to meet Shivji at Kailash, is stopped by Ganesh who doesn’t allow him to go further. He tells Parashuram, he has stopped even his father. There is a fight between Shiv bhakta Parashuram & Shiv putra, Kartikeya, Ganesh.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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