Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th October 2013 Written Update

Ganesha is excited to learns about the second form in NavDurga list.. Kartikeya informs Ganesha that their granny is gonna share the details of the second roopa of Shakti devi.
Ganesha is even more excited.

Menavati starts.. the second roop in Nav durga series is BrhmaCharinyi- its very grand and enlightening.

She folds her hands and utters:

“Dadhana karpadmabhayaamaqshmala kamadalu ! Devi prasidatu mayi brahmchaarinyanutama !!”

‘Brhm’ means Tapp- penance and the one practices tapa- is Brhmacharini. She explains how Parvati devi did severe penance and lived only on flowers n leaves.. And eventually she gave up food and water n lived on dried leaves as a part of her severe penance to have Shiva as her husband. She gave

up even those and thus she was know as ‘Aparna’

One of the ganas ask Nandi why is the name Aparna- he answers that Leaf is also called ‘Parn’ and that without Parn is said to be ‘Aparna’

She continues, when one takes up Brhmchartiya… there is a increase in tap, tyaag (sacrifices), dispassion, discipline and patience in a devote.

And on the second day when a yogi is focusing and praying Brhmcharini roopa, his Swadishtan chakra is awakened.
She describes the form – Brhmacharini roopa, she holds Rudraksh mala in her right hand and kamandal in her left hand.
Now they focus and pray the Brhmacharini form

Back here Mani asks mata if she is happy there..he wouldn’t leave her till his brother comes back..and to keep her with them he’d perform mantras which would make her in an unbalanced status.
A trapped Paravti devi feels the peace as the two Nav durga forms of her have been awakened due to the yaga at Kailash.

Mean while at the daytay’s den, there is a huge idol of mata and all of them ie the Malla gang stand in front of it; Malla says that he won’t let that agori establish her idol there as he n his bro are her sons and greatest devotes.

Saying that Malla plays kinda African drums (big ones) , seeing this all are perplexed and mostly the king cause the whole cave starts to shake. The king shouts at Malla to stop it.. and they all observe the daytya awaken and wild.

At the Kailash, Ganesh goes to his daddy and says that on that day – third day of Navdurga days.. Rishi Markanday is gonna share the story; that they all are waiting for him..Shiva’s little one understands his father’s painful plight. Shiva says that he is very thoughtful of him even in the situation where he himself is away his mother.
Mahadev continues, that there can’t be any definition to Parvati and his (Shiva) relationship.. but he surely will explain it to Ganesh when time is right.

Its not just a relationship between a husband and a wife or parents n their children…but its more in points which connect at different point of times. If he is the day- Parvati ma is his light (wah poetry!) And if he is the fire Parvati devi is his heat.
And if Parvati is water he is her foreshore(couldn’t hear properly, correct me if I’m wrong)
And if she is the sky, he is her stretch. Ganesha tells that he’ll be waiting for the day when Shiva would share the mahima relationship between his parents’

Mani is told that some positive forces are trying to effect her… he asks if she is really effected cause of them?
Mani kills one of his team mate for just saying that mata would go awway because of the above. But Mani is determined to keep his mata to himself and the positive forces will lose over the negative ones there.

At the Kailash.. risi Markanday beings the third form- Chandrghanta devi.

“Pindaj Pravaraarudha Chandkopastra Kairyutaa
Prasaadam Tanute Mahyam Chandram Ghanshteti Vishruta.”

She is called so cause, there resides a crescent moon of the size that of a bell on her forehead. Her vehicle is tiger. on one hand the loud sound of the bell, all the danavs, asuras etc feel fear of the sound. On the other hand this form of hers is the most auspicious one for the devotees.

Where there is rise in fearlessness and bravery .there is also a trait of softness and humbleness which rise. This day is very crucial for the yogis as there Manipur chakra is awakened. He then asks K n G to close their eyes as they would get a glimpse of mats’s Chandrghanta form.
he says that they’ll get to experience divine fragrances, sounds and unusual stuff. And the one who don’t get to have the vision n experience of this roop, is getting their fruits of their karma.
The sadhak should come out of the trance and continue praying mata.. on this third day, a devotee should by mind, body n soul be pure n cleansed and be ready for the service.

At swarga when Brihaspati guru is experiencing the divinity n assurance due to the yaga at the Kailash, Indr is busy in being insecure of the danav’s size! The dev guru chides Indr on his passion of being insecure n worrisome. He also advices his disciple to take part in the yaga at Kailash instead of meddling in the divine plan, it will only show him his own incompatibilities.

The aghora reaches those pyramid kinda he climbs the steps he is stopped by the expected he fights them all and reaches the top.(it looked like one of those Scooby doo’s – Terror in Tikal)

The aghora asks one of the guards abt the location of the idol, he is lead to a cave.

Malla announces that today Aghora is gonna be finished. He says that as Aghora enters the cave, he’d find the danav(the same one during Sati’s rescue)
Aghora is seen fighting the danav.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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