Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 7th May 2013 Written Update

At Patala Loka J (Jalandhar) calls Shukracharya, who asks him why is he looking worried? J says he wants to know everything about his enemy. Shukracharya is surprised. J says Mahadev, he wants to know every thing about him, his strength, qualities, weakness etc. Shukracharya says it’s not easy to define Shivji. Even being in this Sansar, he is not in there. J asks about his parents his childhood etc. Shulracharya says he is not aware of it. J says every one’s beginning is known. Shukracharya says he is Ananta, Anta heen, he was present even before this Sansar existed. You’ll have to know about Lingodbhava’s story.
Before the Creation, there was Shoonya- nothing. From Narayan’s naval a Lotus appeared, Brhmaji was on that Lotus. Both argued about who came first. At that

time Shivji appeared, told them he’ll decide who is greatest. At that time an Anala stambh appeared . Both Vishnuji & Brhmaji started to find the beginning & end of it. Brhmaji met Ketaki flower, asked her to lie, to confirm his claim of seeing the end. Shivji asks Vishnuji, what have you seen? He answers there is no beginning or end of this Anala stambh. Brhmaji lies about seeing the end. Ketaki flower confirms. Shivji says, both of you have appeared from this Anala stambh, from me. Both couldn’t get complete knowledge about Shivji. For a long time Brhmaji’s worship was stopped. J is shocked hearing this story.
In Himavan’s palace, Parvati is conscious now, Nandi is there too. Parvati doesn’t recognize him. Kartikeya says he is Guruji’s param sewak, is sent to serve you. Disheartened Nandi leaves from there, has tears in his eyes. Ganesh consoles him, asks him to wait, even his feelings are the same.
J asks who is greatest among Narayan & Brhmaji & who gave Mahadev the right to decide that. He asks Shukracharya about the weapon, he is preparing. Shukracharya says it’s reached in his final stage. J says if I don’t kill Mahadev then he’ll kill me. Shukracharya says you are Shivansh, he will not kill you. He can kill you only with someone’s help. J wants to know who is he? Shukracharya refuses to answer that question, tells him it will deviate you from your goal. He leaves & J is curious.
Paravti is disturbed. Ganesh asks Kartikeya, the reason. He tells him she will be all right after talking to father. Paravti comes to Aadi Guru. She says it’s very important to talk to him. She is following the path he is guiding her to follow. With tears in her eyes she says, whenever she sees her father, mother, you, all of you are aware of your goal. But some forms are coming in front of me, it’s difficult to know about them. I see 2 different, opposite, unaware of each other sides. At times I am a princess on one side & other side I see myself as Kartikeya & Gunesh’s mother. A person comes in an amazing form in front of me. Why seeing Gunesh & Kartikeya, I get motherly feelings. Whereas I am not their mother. In search of finding my true self, I have crossed many levels but instead of finding answers, more & more questions are coming up.
Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji , why Shivji is not restoring Parvati’s memories? Vishnuji says, do you thin Shivji is doing all these? This is Aadi Shakti’s Leela. If Parvati’s memories were steady then she wouldn’t have been able to reach at this stage of Yoga.
Parvati tells Aadi Guru, forgive me if I am wrong but my condition is like being away from my own shadow. If had you under gone the pain of being separated from your shadow, would have understood my pain. Shivji thinks, if you are so much pained due to your state of memory loss, what will be my condition, has tears in his eyes.

Precap: Indra tells J, shukracharay is Shivji’s bhakta, it’s highly understood, finally, whose side he will take. Shukracharya comes there, says it’s a fact that he worships Shivji.
In Himavan’s palace. Shivji tells Himavan. Kartikeya, Ganesh, a new war will begin, where everyone will have to participate.
Parvati opens her eyes, from meditation, has a smile on her face.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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