Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th March 2014 Written Update

Vishnu dev challenges Shiva for a combat. Shiva accepts it, They share killer looks..everyone is shocked to hear this.
Due to this terrible situation the whole world is suffering the wrath… Then Shiva and Vishnu move up in the sky at jet speed…and stand at a place in the sky.
They both then display their powers by their weapons… the SHiv ji by his hand and the gadda by Vishnuji… but due to the enormous energy the gadda falls down…
Vishnu ji then realizes that if they keep on fighting like this..its never gonna end..he has to stop Mahadev.
SO Vishnuji moves fast towards Shiva and holds his neck…Naradji is shocked to see this. They move downwards.

Daksh is vexed cause of rishi Atri’s delay in reaching there

to check Sati’s state… rishi Bhrigu informs that he will be late as everything has stopped due to the combat. All they can do is just be hopeful.

Back here Vishnuji and Shivji reach the ground..everyone is shocked to see Vishnuji hold Mahadev’s throat… Shiva tries to be patient but couldn’t sustain that for long and then pushes Vishnudev away…then he takes his trident and directs it towards Vishnudev in rage.

The tishul piers Vishnudev’s chest…all of a sudden vishnuji calms down and they both sober down..Mahadev realizes what he just did..he is appalled of his own act..moves towards Vishnuji …bot their eyes tear…then Mahadev takes off his trishul from Vishnudev’s chest..
Vishnuji tries to pacify and inform Shiva that his tears say that he has come out of inactive state..and that he (Vishnuji) himself has ordered Garudh to attack the Serpants so that he can get Shiva to his normal self.

He asks Mahadev if he feels the change in the world witth a change in his state..Mahadev feels the nature blooms…come back to normalcy..
Mahadev’s mind reels back to the time when he was totally detached from the welfare org of the world the time when Vishnuji tries to explain him the importance of getting back to his normal form from that state of hurt after getting separated from Adi Shakti

Mahadev takes a few moments to come down to his normal form…the calmer him..
Vishnuji declares that Mahadev will also be called as ‘Shitikanth’ as it cause of him, Mahadev gets the marks on his throat.

And he will carry that symbol that has been amde by Mahadev’s trishul …(usage of words)
Back here at Daksha’s den… Sati is getting back to a stable state…Bhrigu rishi takes it as the end of Narayan and Mahadev’s war..he hints that Maahdev’s retrieval of clamness and Sati’s stability has something to do wid one other.
Garudh apologizes to Maahdev…he had to play this part as par Narayan’s leela and if he ever did anything disgraceful. .he apologizes n if required asks punishment for it …Shiva says its cause of his act, his boon was fulfilled which he gave to rishi Bhrigu’s children.

Nandi is esthetic abt Mahadev’s come back…he gives all credit to Narayan for this.
Nardji is is happy..and says Vasukhi had a significant role here… Brhmdev replies that..indeed he has and he’ll be getting a greater reward for the same.

Vasukhee too apologizes and seeks Mahadev’s refuge…
Shiva makes Vasukhi get up on his feet and says that the world’s perception abt him is poisonou than the poison he Mahadev adorns him around his neck..Vasukhi is all elated…Shiva continues.. that this will signify the end of the atrocities that are being practiced on serpents..
Vasukhi feels blessed and humbled and honoured to be adorning Shiva’s neck…Vasukhi wishes that even his family be blessed in the same way..Shiav agrees.

Mahadev is in his Nagendra haraya roop…
Vishnuji informs Mahadev abt the the painful journey that is gonna be starting.

Daksha at the yagy kund… asks ‘May the time revert back to the time when Sati’s vasantotsav started’
Bhrmdev says that everything will start again from in no one will ever have the memory of what has happened – not even Shiv Sati milan part..neither Sati not even Daksha himself.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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