Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with parvati says, how will you manage without me? Mahadev says, we have to encourage each other and by this we can enjoy our married life. What we have give!!! What we accept!!!!
Vishnu ji says, mahadev always think about mata parvati and respect the feelings of mata, whether she is right or not !! and it is important in every relation. If any married couple thinks that there is no importance in life then discord happens.
Mahadev gets mourn and see the war. Mata ask from him, what happen? Mahadev says, as with same equation, we get associated, vishnu ji and laxmi ji or brahma ji and saraswati also associated. Mahadev says, we have to return back to kailash.
Indra and asur fights and in this war indra lost. Indra says to parurva that you are really good in fighting

then parurva says, if you want to learn something then learn to win. Asur laughs on indra.
Mata Saraswati ji says to brahma ji that parurva will win whenever indra and he fights. Mata saraswati gets tensed and says, now i will not say anything, you have insulted me.
Here mahadev gets worshiped and both brahma ji and vishnu ji comes to welcome them. Laxmi ji welcomes them and vishnu ji also shows gratitude to him. Ganesh ji ask about saraswati mata. Brahma ji says, she dont want to come. Mata parvati says, i will bring them. Mata parvati and laxmi reaches at brahma lok but they didn’t find her. Laxmi ji tells complete incident and says, due to it, she cannot speak and thats why she dont want to meet anybody.
Mahadev says to brahma ji, how dare to shout on mata parvati. why you insulted her? You insulted whole ladies. Vishnu ji says, due to your curse, complete world will not get educated. Mahadev says, i also dont have idea to recover from this situation. Vishnu ji says, mata parvati has recover whole world from this uneducation.
Raja capture one lady and exploited her then lady says, you have destroyed me completely, so now give me permission to take death. Raja says, i will give you more curse than you think.
Raja durdum invites to his minister Amatya. Amatya says, you are doing wrong with your mischievious work. Durdum says proudly says, i always forgive you and if anyone on your place then i will order for your death. Amatya says, if praja will revolution against you then what will happen? and you are eater of this praja. Durdum says, you always oppose my decision and due to your opposition, our exchequer is getting empty. So now you are free from your responsibility.
Mata parvati ask from mahadev, what did brahma dev do this. we are not doing this. Mahadev says, every relation is of differnt mean and now what will effect on devi saraswati mourn. Mahadev says, now world will get uneducated, cultureless, mannerless.

Precap:- Durdum appoints to amatya and kartikaye gets angry to see exploitation of durdum then mahadev order them to go in between humans and balance the education.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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