Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th January 2013 Written Update

Ganesh feels very excited as his big bro Kartikeya is gonna come especially to the fact that his mother would make delicious food items.
He requests everyone to help him do the decor for Kartikeya’s welcome.

Indr has again a problem with Kartikeya’s decision of going back to Kailash.
Dev Guru tells him that Devi Parvati and Mahadev are for the first time enjoy the contentment of seeing there 3kids together.
Indr gives a reason for his argument that after the defeat of the asurs, Swarg is not that safe!

Indr is as always in a insecurity mood that both Ganesh and Kartikeya are together and if they are together they are stronger!
When Dev Guru shows his confusion over the issue, Indr tells that he(Brhaspati) is doing so only to let him (Indr) say it for him and also tells that he knows what he has to do to get read of his insecurity.

At Kailash, when Shiva is pensive Mata Parvati inquires about it. Mahadev tells Parvati devi that Kartikeya has accepted Ganesha’s birth at the first place.
Hearing this AS stops.

Mahadev adds that Kartikeya thinks that after the birth of Ganesh, he has no importance at Kailash.
Parvati devi is shocked to hear this and further inquires about the issue.
Mahadev tells that, Kartikeya told that after his birth his mother doesn’t need another son.. Mahadev adds that these words were not said to him directly but Kartikeya told this to his sister AS.

Parvati devi feels sad on not being able to know her own children’s problems… Mahadev then tells that he has assured Kartikeya that he has a special place in the heart of his parents; and that he would warn Ganesh not to speak things which might heart Kartikeya.

Parvati devi tells that she dosen’t want to see her sons fight.. Shiva assures her by telling that even after his waring them about it they stand opposite to each other.. Kartikeya would love Ganesh just by seeing his adorable face.
Kartikeya inform everyone back south that his mission has accomplished and that he would have to go back to his home as per the wish of his parents – Kailash.
Kartiekya bids adieu to them on a note that he would come back as he has become attached to the place.

At Kailash.. Ganesh is ordering the Ganas to make a better bed for his brother.

Shiva sees his little one arrange a bed for his brother .. on asked by Mahadev where would he sleep wouldn’t he want to sleep with his mother.. Ganesh replies that he always sleeps in his(Nahadev’s) lap! (Cutest scene)

Indr taunts Kartikeya, to which the later replies that he is neither his (Indr) slave nor his army chief.
Indr poisons (Indirectly) Kartikeya against his little brother..Indr tries to boost Ganesha’s greatness infront of Kartikeya and he in turn feels hurt and envious of his own kid brother…hearing that Ganesh sleeps in Shiva’s lap and also that Parvati devi has taken a promise that she would never leave Ganesh.

Back at Kailash SHiva explains Ganesh that his brother Kartikeya would feel happy if he stays, plays sleeps with him.
Since its has been a very long time since Kartikeya left Kailash..and now he has to spend more time with his brother Kartikeya.
Then Ganesha says that he would scarifies his father’s lap bed for his brother.

Ganesh then orders Ganas to arrange for two hay beds.

Shiva asks Ganesha that doesn’t he want to know more about his elder brother his temperament, likes / dislikes..etc.

Our little Gannu bhayya says that since Kartikeya and he are children of the same parents they would have same habits etc.

Mahadev says no, Kartikeya is different.

Kartikeya back here yells at Indr for talking all no sense of his family and such sympathy doesn’t suit his character.

Indr says that he has sympathy for him, as he(Kartikeya) was not invited for Ganesh’s birth he felt bad Indr starts weakening Kartikeya’s faith in his father.

Indr says that they should have called him for the celebrations then it would have depended upon him if he would chose his family or goal.
All this points towards his tailing importance at Kailash.

Ganesh exclaims Different?!?

I have a trunk, I have such big ears and if there is someone Different in the family it is he dear dad..says Ganesha.
Shiva smiles at his smart -little one.

Shiva explains Different doesn’t mean that it has to be always from the body.. Kartikeya is a worrier, he is very disciplined. Since child hood he was brought up in war fields..not under the protection of a family like he has been brought up. Thus he didn’t find a chance to know family binds..
Shiva forewarns Ganesh that it might take some time for Kartikeya to accpet him as his little brother…thus he has to be very careful in dealing with Kartikeya.

Ganesh assures that he would take care of his elder brother…and would try his level best to keep the bond strong.

Kartikeya questions Indr that why did he send Devsena to him.. Indr is shocked to hear this.. To make him fall in the net of her fake love, to lead his path astray of its direction.
Its the limit..and beyond him. Mahadev and Mahadevi who forgave him for his sins..he is now conspiring against there very family?

Nobosy would believe that he has got free from the curse of ugliness… he needs to see the mirror for once atleast..he would feel ashamed of his own self..says an angry Kartikeya..saying this he flies away on his peacock.

At Bali’s court Sumali the demon has arrived… Bali welcomes Sumali.
Bali says to a frastu Sumali that to cover up the wrong of the asuras he is gonna conduct a Maha yagy.. for the well being of every creature of the world- since the time has come for ‘Vasudeva Kuumbakam’
To this Sumali tells that is he joining hands with the devas..if that happens this act would tarnish the name,pride of the asuras.
Bali says that only by this means the impression of the asuras will change for good.. and if he is gonna cuase any hindrance Bali warns Sumali that he wont accept it.

Sumali conspires against the idea by taking part in it (Maha yagya).



AS says that whoever completes the game will be the winner.. Ganesha and Ganas play catch the ball.. as Ganesha runs at a point where the ball has fallen .. Kartikeya comes and hold the ball saying that he would finsih the game!

Its Kartikeya and Ganesh’s FACE OFF!

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