Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th February 2014 Written Update

The soldiers fight the commoners only to be bashed by Shiva.

At Dasha’s place, Dashayainis asks Prasuti about their unannounced and sudden marriage proposals to the rishis…why didn’t their father inform it to them, the mother says that he must have been afraid to hear a no from his daughters as well like his sons did. They say they are not read yet…but the mother says she has confidence in her daughters as they won’t let their father down.
Daksh comes and tells them that te final decision is theirs and if they don’t wish for this they won’t marry..the daughters say that they trust their father’s decision. Rohini tells Daksha that they are ready to marry the rishis.

Back here Rishi Angeera seeing Daksha’s scheme to get

more power is getting his daughters married to significant personalities. The guy says that means Daksha is making everything possible to make sure that no one from his clan could become a Prajapati. Angeera replies that he is just waiting for the right moment to play his cards. (what is it with the CHAAL word?)
Daksh gets his daughters married to the rishis resp.
Then they couples take their blessings…

Vishnu dev and Brhmdev are worried about Mahadev getting too much into Viragi-ness and its now hindering a few important works of the srishti.
Brhmdev tells Vishnudev abt the inevitability of that very event which can straighten up many things…its the only way out to bring Shiva out of Viragy..but Vishnudev asks him to check other possibilities to do the same without any terrible consequences
They decide to rope in Daksh to take him out of the Viragy…

Brhmdev narrates Daksh about the beginning of time…when there was nothing.. no universe.. no land,stars or even water.. there wasn’t even direction in existence ..but only Shiva existed.. so he separating the prakriti part of his made the universe alive…
But Adi shakti after getting separated from Shiv, became unknown of knowledge of Shivatv…because of Adi Shakti’s uneasiness even Mahadev got uneasy…and irritable.
And since then Narayan n he have been carrying forward the world’s nurture.. in Shiva’s inactive state, he is finding it difficult to carry on significant works of the world- the works are hung up in air without any or less results.

Brhmdev asks his son to be a part of this divine plan…its best for all.
He asks Daksh to be the one to unite Shiv and Adi Shakti again… it will make their lives worth it..n teh whole world will be ever grateful for this.

Daksha asks Brhmdev to order him what is to be done… Brhmdev says.. him to do penance and ask Adi Shakti to grace the earth in a human form and reunite with SHiva.
Daksh obliges and says that his sons have certainly left him, but if he is ok with the idea of asking Adi Shakti to become his daughter. And when time comes he’ll get her married to SHiva, this way Shiva will become his son-in-law and would be taking part in worldly works. Brhmdev agrees to it and aks him to start the penance.

Shiva wanders all over the place in his viragi form..where as Daksh starts his penance… so much of time passes by in his penance…
Prasuti prays Vishnudev for Daksha’s success in his penance.
Brhmdev worries that Adi SHakti isn’t getting back to Daksh’s penance..he has now only one option which they have thought of.. Vishnudev tells its too soon to think of that, besides they have no clue as to how Mahadev would react to it… but Brhmdev insist that he’d take that decision..

Vishnu dev tells though its evident that Daksh’s penance is taking sometime to get its results but doesn’t mean that it has failed, Brhmdev tells that Daksh is doing his efforts and he’ll do what is needful at the moment and disappears. Vishnudev feels whatever Brhmdev is gonna do, its going to be opposite of this main intention, its gonna be taking even more time.

Brhmdev starts Vedvani ‘Ved is the essence of life’..and his 5th head does loathing of the Vedas. These vibes echo in the world… and reaches Shiva… Shiva is now perturbed hearing ill about Vedas… Nardji asks Vishnudev abt this… the latter replies that Brhmdev is trying to provoke Shiva by loathing the vedas, so that it could bring back him from his viragy

Shiva is super annoyed this Vedninda and starts to boil.. Vishnudev requests him to calm down..but this too late.. Shiva throws his trident and cuts off the 5th head of Brhmdev which was doing vednindaa..

Rishi Brhigu senses this and informs the other saptrishi about the terrible event..
Adi Shakti appears being happy abt the penance, he asks if his penance is successful..she asks him what boon does he seek.. he says abt what all his father Brhmdev has said.. and wishes her to be born as his daughter and reunite with Shiva. He’ll take care of her and when the right time comes he’d get her married with SHiva.

Shakti devi agrees to this but with a catch that if he insults her in anyway, she’ll leave him then and there. Daskha promises that.

They decide on telling this to Daksha..but they reconsider if its the right time as Daksha is gonna get the good news of getting Adi Shakti- as his daughter.

As SHiva wanders through the samshan..the prytas follow him…

Daksh reaches his place and is super glad to see his daughter… he tells Prasuti that he’d get their this daughter married Shiva and complete the circle… Prasuti tells him to first think of a proper name for her before going to her marriage task.

Daksha utters Sati… SHiva here gets familiar vibes…

Daksha is informed about Shiva’s act of cutting the 5th head of Brhmdev..he is super furious and hurt abt this and in the rage…
He gets reminded of Vishnu dev’s words when he was given the position of a prajapati, he then takes a blade and shaves off his hair and erases the SHiva symbol on his forehead..
He shouts ‘Mahadev, when you banned Brhmdev’s pooja I thought it was my father’s mistake.. but this day i realize that its not his fault, but your arrogance…his only fault was to bring you back from your viragy form for the betterment of the world ‘

He continues ‘you didn’t even think once, why would he talk ill abt the vedas, you by chopping off his 5th head have not only inslted him but have created your greatest staunch enemy in me. I will avenge my father’s insult.. like you have banned my father’s pooja.. even I’ll do that..the world doesn’t need an arrogant one as you.. I’ll make such rules which, will ban and erase your existence from the world… I vow’

Mahadev reaches the snowy mountains…he settles himself on a huge rock.. they asks what is the place aclled.. Shiva replies ‘they can call this place as Himgiri, Shiv lok or Kailash’ This will be the landof my virag, tapasya and dwelling…

Back here Prasuti and her daughters search for Sati..Who is grown up a little.. she is in her teen age..
Prasuti scolds Khyati for losing Sati… where as this lady to cover herself from the rains…goes to the woods that too near a bail tree…

Prasuti and gang worry for Sati as its rain and getting dark…
Sati here enjoys the rain and touches the trees.. Shiva gets a vibe of her…

Then comes a bull…she talks to it.. she says even it is lost in the jungal and is scared of the thunders.. her dad says one should be fearless..she assures it that she is there for him…she gives the animal her anklets and even after that it feels scared she instructs him to go to that mountain..he’d never feel scared again.

PRECAP: Sati grows up…

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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