Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with bhram dev and narayan arise in front of mahadev and says, mahadev, all everything will happen, it will effect on you and devi parvati. Mahadev says, everybody has lost something and we all should have to do their duties. bhram dev says, but what will happen when changes arises in your life. Mahadev says, i will accept it.
rohitang thinks about mata prithvi conversation and also remember incident of shankchur death. Dev kampan comes and says, you are greatest student of my life. i doesnt mean that you are shivansh but you have identified your power and used it properly. Rohitang says, i learned everything from you. This sword used in my every war but this time weapon will change and i am giving you this sword to you, if i will come back then i will take it from you

otherwise take it as Gift. Dev kampan says, please call your mother, she will definitely come to give you boon. Rohitang calls mata prithvi but she doesnt appear. Rohitang says, i just want to know that you are giving me boon or not. Please give me answer. Heavy wind blow and a leaf comes onto rohitang hand. ROhitang angrily says, i said you to give me boon not to make laugh of me. Mata prithvi arise and says, how will i understand to rohitang to accept the truth. Rohitang goes towards kailash. Rohitang calls mahadev.
Mahadev arise in front of him.
ROhitang remembers the whole incident. Rohitang says, shiv and shivansh are facing each other and we are opposing each other. Mahadev says, only you are opposing and from now onwards you can change your view after the whole incident. ROhitang says, are you alone to fight with me. Your family cannot oppose me thats why they are not present. Mahadev says, in pride, person cannot see the truth but truth cannot transform. Everybody arise in front of rohitang. Rohitang makes laugh.

And says, kailash force, most powerful force but now this is my time. Rohitang tranforms into complete force. Indra says, what kind of power is this? Naryan says, rohitang knows that he is not able to hypnotise mahadev with his tandav thats why he has used his power. Rohitang says, this is your force and that is my force. Shall we start the battle.

Precap:- Indra says, rohitang is trying to hypnotise mahadev. Bhram dev says, rohitang doesnt know that he is harming his mother.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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