Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 6th May 2013 Written Update

Shiva stands in front of Jal with his signature serenity.. he congratulates Jal for his win.
Jal says “Oh! so it is you with whom Narad is trying to scare me off. Finally got to see you- Mahadev”
Mahadev tells if someone’s wish to see him is so strong, he had to grant it done.
Jal replies if he has any such wish of he (Jal) revering him like the other worthless ones!

Shiva counters that there is a difference between fear and devotion and its a shame on the part of Triloakdhi pati not knowing it.
Jal retorts saying that Mahadev is very lucky to come on his rajabhisheik and thus he doesn’t want to humiliate anyone. Saying so Jal asks Mahadev to leave.

Then Mahadev says, that the path which he wishes to walk on isn’t gonna lead him to the

write path… Brhmdev, Naryan or he has the same thought.
Jal feels that cause of his becoming the Trilokadipati, the devtas have become insecure.
Jal starts his grumble over devta’s unjust towards the asuras… all that happened only cause there was no one who could challange the Tridev, but now its him, and they dont need anyone’s consent henceforth.

Shukrachary feels pained hearing this and tries to stop Jal, only to be stopped by Mahadev by gesturing him.
Mahadev says him that all this time whatever he did was for his revenge to get justice so tridev didn’t interfere, but it shouldn’t become the case where to fulfill his whims n wishes he himself would become the source of unjust in/for the world.

Shiv says that he is the uttardayee(account holder) of his goods or bads.
Jal asks who gave him that right… Mahadev replies that he so doesn’t have that in his (Jal’s) hands, as he was Mahadev’s part..
Jal is astonished to hear this… and thus Shiva says, whether he likes it or not he’ll be the uttardayee of his just n unjust things.

Jal gives side glares at Shukarcharya…
Jal feels that Mahadev is trying to mislead him… he can never be a part of Shiva.. observing this conduct from his own creation and dissapears from there leaving a frustrated Jal saying he not hot his part, but his ‘Alternative’
Seeing this Brhmdev, Vishnuji decides to discuss the issue with Mahadev.

Jal on the other hand wants privacy so he shouts ‘Ekant’

As Mahadev a guy wearing a shoul falls on his feet… Mahadev asks him to get up.. its Indr (pathetic!) he never get read of his stupidity.. he apologies to Mahadev and begs to help him Sucha dramenbaaz he is!. (lol Irony I say, Indr always bulled poor Shivansh- Kartikeya and now Jal is taking the hell outta of him!)
Funny part is even Mahadev disappeared with his dramaz.
He feels he should go to some place safe… he has one last plan before he goes.

Jal feels terrible on knowing that he is a part of dev ko dev Mahadev whom he hated the most.
Jal demands some answers from Shukarchary… why did he hide the truth from him (Jal)?

Shukarchary explains that he did it not to keep him in dark but to be sure that Jal’s focus never gets distracted from its path.
He never wanted Jal’s thoughts to get influenced by the truth!

Jal then asks Shukarchary if the thing which he asked him to do was ready or not… Shukarchary replies that its gonna complete soon.. Jal says it should be complete as soon as possible…
Jal “so far the devtas surprised him and its their time to get the shock!”

Shiva calls all the family members at Himvan’s place. Menavati feels something is gonna be wrong and feels worried.. meanwhile Narayan, Brhmdev arrive and he tells them abut Jal’s first encounter with Mahadev..and that they have come their to know the future course of action from Mahadev.

Shiv says that he expected that would happen…

Back here Vrinda is getting ready and Jal is deep in thoughts of Mahadev..
The appearance, the calm and serenity he wore… Vrinda observes her husband pondering over something and goes to him.
Jal is still in the thoughts of what Mahadev said to him..even after Vrinda putting her hands over his shoulder!

Jal tries to make out of Shiva’s attire “There was something, in that calmness, some kind of power! The capability of destroying everything in a moment… a centerdness which he never saw. ”

Shiva says “he doesn’t have any fear… ”
Jal says to Vrinda “The way people revered him… his aura, I wonder why people never did that to me!”

Shiiva”So much of energy and power, but lost in darkness! ”

Jal ” That form can influence anyone.. I’ll feel completeness when I defeat Mahadev! ”
Shiva “this ignorance of his will lead him n the world into peril!”
Jal “Though as a form of an alternative, there will be an end to Mahadev”

Mahadev ” Thus Jal’s end is inevitable!”


Jal is hell bent on defeating Mahadev, if he doens’t do that he’ll eb killed by Mahadev.

Shukarchary says that since he is Shivansh Mahadev cannot do it alone. Though, he can do it with someone’s help!
Jal wants to know who it is!

Back here Parvati devi says to ” You would have understood, if u would have lost ur memories, one’s own shadow is getting away..”

Shiv in Adiguru’s form to himself with teary eye “If you feel that way , then how would I have felt to lose my own shadow and memories of you!”

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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