Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 6th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Garuda attacking all the snakes, which creates among all snakes. Nandi tells Mahadev to interfere, but Mahadev says that he has withdrawn himself from all worldly affairs and Vasuki is able to handle it. There the ground, snakes tells him that garuda is eating each and every one of them. Vasuki convinces them that he will save everyone from garuda.
At Kailash, Mahadev tells Nandi that both Garuda and vasuki are Rishi Kashyap sons and they both are strong, but Nandi is not convinced as why to punish every one of them. Nandi again tries to tell Mahadev to interfere, but says no and says that Garuda is Lord Vishnu vehicle and he will stop him. Nandi tells Mahadev, Garuda is following Vishnu’s orders.
There Vasuki tries to stop Garuda from attacking

the snakes, but Garuda reminds Vasuki of the curse which Brahma has given to them, and also tells him that snakes have crossed their boundaries and that snakes should stay in Patal-loka. But Vasuki defends the snakes and garuda tells that he would kill Vasuki. And a fight starts between Garuda and Vasuki. Tridev are watching all this.
Both Garuda and vasuki have come in their original avatar. Garuda picks Vasuki and dashes him on the ground. Vasuki calls Mahadev and says that you can’t tolerate injustice, then why so delay in coming as Garuda is killing Vasuki.
Mahadev comes there to save Vasuki, which leaves Garud shocked. There at daksh palace, Prasuti sees a change in weather. A messenger comes there to tell that Daksh will be coming home, and Sati’s health is not good. The messenger also tells about the change in weather.
There, Mahadev asks Garuda to step back, but garuda does not move saying that he is following Lord Vishnu and will continue to do so. After this Garuda tries to vasuki, but Mahadev stops him with his trishul and pushes him back. Garuda calls Vishnu for help. Once again Mahadev warns Garuda to stop, but Garuda is adamant. Hearing this, Mahadev becomes angrier, and decides to throw his his trishul, but Vishnu comes in between.
Vishnu stops Mahadev and says that he cannot let his devotee face your (Mahadev) wrath. I will protect him even at the cost of having a fight with you. Hearing so, mahadev bangs his trishul to the ground, which leaves earth shaken. There at forest, Sati’s temperature raises this worry Khyati & Aditi. Daksh calls for Rishi Bhrigu as he wants to know the reason of Sati’s health and also about earthquake.
At Indralok, Indra is tells everyone that the whole world will come to an end, due to fight between Narayana and Mahadev. There, Mahadev asks Vishnu to think again about what Garuda is doing, is it right to kill all the snakes, but Narayana tells Mahadev to go through the situation once again and then come to terms.
At Brahmalok, Narad is worried about the fight taking place between the 2 great powers, in which there would be no result but the consequence would be terrible. Brahma tells him the story of Kadru and Vinita and how the snakes kidnapped Garud’s mother. And this enmity between garud and snakes will last for eternity. Brahma also tells Narad how snakes are hanging from horse’s tail to avoid death.
There Mahadev tells Vishnu that Garuda is breaking rules under your order, but Vishnu says that all the snakes will be punished as they have disobeyed Tridev’s order. But Mahadev says that Brahma didn’t tell the time limit up to which they will be staying in Patal- loka. Brahma is the creator of the universe, and snakes are his creation, hence they also have a right to live. Vishnu says that each one face to his karma and no one has run away from it. These snakes have kidnapped Garuda’s mother in the past and they have the results.
Vishnu finally says to Mahadev that you do your thing, but remember that you will have to face me and you have to defeat me in order to reach Garuda.
There Rishi bhrigu tells daksh about the fight going on between Vishnu and Shiva. Daksh is confident that Vishnu will win and will teach Mahadev a lesson. But Rishi Kashyap tells that both the gods do not consider themselves higher than each other, but the result of this war would result in a CATASTROPHE.
There Mahadev accepts Vishnu challenges, and a fight begins.

Precap: – Vishnu and Mahadev are fighting, Mahadev holds his trishul, throws towards Vishnu, Vishnu is attacked, mahadev will be known by a new name.

Update Credit to: kalyani

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  1. Why u all are showing a crap about Siva Vishnu fight. Vishnu and Siva use to worship each other as est dev. Why an when this blunder happend dat Siva threw trisul to Vishnu and he was defeated. Either stop this nonsense or explain with evidence.

  2. We know that time Mahadev was feeling anxiety. So, Lord Vishnu made a way to build up affection in Mahadev’s heart.

  3. Mahadev and krishna faught each other, d fight is called harihar yudh happened at mahabharat time in tezpur modern assam. There are many proof of that story is true but not this.

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