Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2014 Written Update

Shivji is walking a forest. He sees a Tiger is about to attack a Deer. He comes in between them, looks at the Tiger, who stops roaring. Deer walks past Tiger. Calm Tiger starts walking with Shivji. After walking for some time, he goes his way.
Prasuti has seen a bad dream, is terrified seeing a Giant figure killing Daksh’s head. Daksh assures her, he has support of Brhmaji, Vishnuji & Shivji, no one can harm him. Today he’s called important people from various fields to guide his sons with their responsibalities. Before that he has to start Havan.
Daksh is performing Havan in presence of Devas, Sapta rishis, rishi Angira, Naradji. His sons come in Sanyasi cloths, he is surprised. His son tells him they want to go in search of peace, equality

& moksh, can’t accept Sansarik responsibalities. Daksh says it’s ok his other sons will assist in running the World. He is shocked hearing that all his sons wants to be Sanyasi. In anger he asks who is guiding them. Naradji comes foreword. Daksh is shoked, tells his sons, they will be wandering every where in search of peace, equality & moksh. Curses Naradji that he will be wandering to taking Narayan’s name, will not have a home, will not be stable any where. Naradji accepts this happily saying Narayan’s name is everything for him. He leaves.
A minister comes, informs Daksh, some people who were asked to leave are refusing to obey his order. Daksh asks them to use strength to send them away. His soldiers are running behind those people, trying to send them out of his state. They are scared, sees Shivji sitting, tying a Red thread to his Trishul. They ask him to help. Shivji says they are proving themselves weak by getting scared. He hand a stone to a man, who throws it on a Soildier. Others follow him. Daksh’s soldiers run away.
Later Shivji asks them the reason for their leaving that state. One of them answers, we don’t have any Aaradhya, we are not following any Deity, so were asked to leave. They actually don’t know whom to follow. Shivji asks them what kind of Aaradhya they want? The one who can protect us, is the answer. He asks who protected you just now? You. No, he says handing over a stone. This stone has protected you. For believers it’s God, for non believers it’s a stone.
Saptarishis meet Daks, offers their unconditional support to him. He says since his sons are gone , now he will be happy if they’ll marry his daughters. Rishi Bhrigu & Kashyap are happy, rishi Atri seems worried. Rishi Kashyap says they’ll think over & inform him.

Precap: Rishi Bhrigu is calculating some Planetary position. Rishi Kashyap is present too. Vishuuji says it’s important to get Shivji back. Brhmaji wants to try. His one of the face mocks Shivji, who cuts that head with his Trishul. Rishi Bhrigu comes to know. Daksh too learns about this.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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