Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th February 2013 Written Update

Shivji tells all the main residents of Kailash, your mata wants to make a Bhavan here, I have given my permission. Ganesh is excited about the Bhavan. Nandi says this has never happened before. Parvati says once it is made, you all will live peacefully in that. Shivji asks everyone their choice.
Ganesh- wants his kaksh in front of Kitchen & next to his parents’ kaksh.

Kartikeya- wants a place in such way that he can keep a watch every where in the World.
Ashok Sundari- Where she can meditate well.
Nandi – It should look loke open Kailash.

Parvati- Where everyone can live together happily.
Ganesh wants to roam in the World, to see the best Bhavan suited for Kailash. Parvati gives her permission. Kartikeya with Ganesh on

the Peacock are on tour of the World. They come to Vaikunth. Seeing it, Ganesh says it’s of no use coming to meet Mamashree. Vishnuji asks why are they looking confused? Ganesh says there is no roof in Vaikunth, they take his leave. Naradji comes expresses his surprise at Bhavan being made at Kailash, finally mata Paravti is able to change Shivji. Vishnuji doesn’t answer. Naradji decides to meet Paravti.
He is at Kailash now, sees happy Paravti, who asks him to have lunch. He likes the food. Paravt says when he comes again he’ll be eating in their Bhavan. He says the food made by her is so good, anywhere in the World if gets is will be the best. Kartikeya & Ganesh had come to Vaikunth, but didn’t like it, what if they can’t find a suitable Bhavan in the entire World. Why don’t you only make a Bhavan. Parvati likes the idea. Naradji suggests, she should make a plan as per her idea. She approves of it.

Kartikeya & Ganesh are at Brhma loka, are welcomed by Brhmaji & Shivji, he asks them how did they find Brhma loka? Ganesh says it’s not different from Kailash. They leave in search of an ideal Bhavan in the World.

Paravti asks Shivji, if she can make a model of a Bhavan as per her idea? He agrees.
They are now at Suryadev’s son & Yamraj’s brother Shanidev’s Bhavan, where his wife suggests he should go out. Shanidev says no one want to see him, people pray to him only to pacify him. Ganesh finds this place dark, wants to go back. Shanidev’s wife hears them, says finally some guests have come here. He greets the Shiv-putras. Ganesh suggests if he is fed up of sitting in his Bhavan, can go to Kailash. Shanidev likes the idea, says he’ll be happy with Shivji’s darshan. Kartikeya & Ganesh takes his leave.

Parvati is making model of the Bhavan, it’s ready now. Naradji returns with a news of problem, says no one welcomes him, his departure is aways most awaited. If his drashti (sight) falls on this model, then it will never be made, he is Shanidev. Paravti is surprised& worried.
Shanidev is on his way to Kailash. Naradji adds to Parvti’s worries, saying his coming indicates happiness exiting from Kailash.
Seeing Shanidev coming to Kailash, Shivji thinks finally he is arriving on Kailash, he himself is unaware of the reason for this visit.

precap: Naradji sacres Pravti about Shanidev. Paravti tells Shivji to stop him from entering Kailash.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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