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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts wtih rohitang says to mata prithvi that i will destroy mahadev and take place of mahadev and will tell whole world about enjoyment and justice. Mata says, i think that you doesnt know about mahadev. He doesnt need anything. He only wants from his or her devotee that they just do their duty and he doesnt frightened to anyone for worship. Devotee only worship and wrong people thinks for destruction. Mahadev only does justice. People worship him only by hearing. Mata parvati says, whole incident starts from here and i can feel everything and i didnt think that end will happen like this. New incident starts with this incident. Rohitang thinks about his childhood days. Mata parvati says, i dont know why rohitang use music against you. Rohitang melt down the stone. Mahadev says,

rohitang birth happen by tandav and rohitang will live in 5 state. Mahadev then tells whole cycle of tandav and relate with rohitang.
Rohitang make statue of natraj and thinks whole incident of childhood. Mahadev says, we have to end the whole incident with tandav. Mata saraswati says, rohitang is using power against mahadev and he is going far from truth. Brahma dev says, rohitang leave his music interest in childhood. Narayan says, if he will not leave music then his nature should positive but now he energy will be negative.
Rohitang says, in my childhood days, i had so many question but you didnt guided me. May be sometime, i respect you but you didnt appear in front of me, but it is good otherwise how will i know. Tomorrow i will kill you.
Rishi biblarth comes and meets rohitang. Rohitang says, i think you forget your path. This is not your father ashram. Just go away. Rishi biblarth says, i came here to bless you and i have seen mahadev statue. rohitang says, i didnt put this statue here to see, i use it for destruction. You think that you can calm down my anger. Biblarth says, i am giving shape to your anger. Tomorrow, your life most important war will happen. You have wasted your anger showing it before. you are saying that this statue is giving your aim but i know this statue is making you anger. Rohitang says, what are you saying? Biblarth says, just shape your anger and it is not impossible for you. ROhitang says, why are you helping me, any reason. Biblarth says, i have teach you 12 jotirling stories.
Rohitang does meditation. Rishi biblarth says to himself, yes rohitang, i just want to put you near to mahadev and it will help you move near to your motive and worship to mahadev.

Precap:- Rohitang calls to mahadev and says, we are facing each other for war. Are you alone to fight with me.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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  1. his name isn’t rohitang its lohitang

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