Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 5th March 2014 Written Update

Vasuki comes to Kailash, introduces himself as rishi Kashyap’s son. Pleads to help in getting Sati out of Yoga-nidra. She has to come out of her mental state, her condition is the reason of trying to go beyond her limitation, says Mahadev. Vasuki is adamant on trying to get Sati, says he will not leave Kailsh till Mahadev agrees to help. Sati is in this condition because of him only. She is important for him as she has always supported him, tought him to fight for his respect, when all others had refused to support him. This proves Daksh’s belief about him true, that he is not concern about others being a Vairagi. But he can’t escape from his duties. The World needs him though he may not need the World. Mahadev is calm. Vasuki asks him how can he be so calm, some one else

would have punished him by now. Mahadev puts his hand on Vasuki’s head. Vasuki feels quite peaceful. He wishes to be calm too.

Sati is still in Yoga-nidra. Daksh is worried at not been able to help her. He asks rishi Atri to get the best Vaidya in the World to cure Sati. Seeing her condition, he thinks about his decision of keeping Sati away from North direction, was right. Rishi Bhrighu seems worried. Rishi Kashyap asks him the reason, he answers, as per the planetary movement a Mahayudhh is indicated betweem 2 major powers of the World.

Garud is killing Snakes. Naradji asks Vishnuji, is it right to kill an animal? Vishnuji answers, whatever is destined is happening. He tells Naradji the reason of this event. Both Vishnuji & Brhmaji narrts the story of Kadru & Vinita, who were rishi Kashyap’s wives & Daksh’s daughters. Kadru wished for 1000 sons. Both the sisters gave eggs, Kadru 1000 & Vinita 2. !000 eggs, matured first giving birth to 1000 Snakes. Vinita’s 2 eggs were still not yielding any birth. Out of frustration Vinita cursed Kadru, she will be her slave. She broke one of her egg, was sad seeing the upper half was of Human. Once both the sisters were playing. Vinita kept on loosing. Kadru made Vinita her slave for loosing the game to her. Garud was born from the 2nd egg. He kept on trying to get his mother free. He went to the Snakes, they told him if he’ll give them Amrit, they will free his mother. Amrit was with Devas in Swarg. They understood Garud’s motive, they tried to stop him but Garud managed to break the shield, he took the Amrit kalash with him. He met Vishnuji on the way back, who told him he will be immortal without having Amrit. Garud agreed to be his Vahan. Next Indra met him on the way. Garud promised him to help in getting the Amrit kalash back, after his mother is free. Indra agreed.

Garud went to the Snakes with the Kalash, got his mother free, asked Snakes to wash themselves before having Amrit. They did that but during that Indra came & took the Kalash back. Vishnuji asked Garud to kill Snakes. Since then he is killing all the Snakes & both are enemies.

Indra in the Swarg is worried about his throne. Garud is on their side, Brhmaji & vishnuji too are on Deva’s side but if Mahadev supports Snakes then there will be a Mahayudhh & if Snakes win, they will take Amrit & his throne away from him.

Precap: Nandi with Ganas comes to Mahadev, asks him to help Snakes, as Garud is killing any Snake he spots. Vasuki tells Garud to stop killing Snakes. Garud says he is following Vishnuji’s order. They both fight, Garud is winning, Vasuki calls Mahadev for help. Mahadev asks Garud to stop.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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