Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev telling Lakulesh that she has to be a witness to everything from starting. He takes him to that time, but in order to understand he has to accept the present. Time travels to the past Mahadev is walking continuously, going somewhere, and there in Brahmalok, Brahma along with Vishnu decides to make either between Daksh and Angira as Prajapati, since Mahadev has become a hermit (vairagi). Mahadev is the one who does not discriminate between none, who enlightens everyone soul and with him not here someone will have to take responsibility of creation and preservation. Mahadev will come when the time will ask. Until Mahadev marries, a Prajapati is needed to run the world.

Both Angira and Daksh have them capable of handling

the duties of Parajapati with their strong penance says Vishnu. Brahma says that you will have to face the final exam Vaas Shakti’ in which you will asked certain questions, and your answers will be heard till eternity and people will come to know about everything from time-to-time with their answers. So Brahma starts asking questions, and Daksh starts giving answers to each and every question ask, without giving Angira a chance to speak, this frustrates Angira. With Daksh answering every question rightly, both Narayan and Brahma decides to make Daksh as Prajapati, as he won the final round. Daksh becomes happy and ask both Brahma and Vishnu for blessings. Daksh sees Vishnu in doubtful state, but Vishnu assures him by saying that his doubts should not become reality.

At Daksh palace, Daksh organizes a yagna. Angira looks jealously towards Daksh. After completion of yagna, Daksh says that with knowledge and his capabilities he has become Prajapati, and will not waste a minute in resuming his duties. And he assures everyone that he will complete his duties with honesty and that the persons who he has given powers should also be responsible towards their duties. Daksh further adds that if he did anything wrong, he will not take anytime to punish himself, and if other commit a mistake he will also face a severe punishment.
Daksh asks for blessings from Vishnu and Brahma, both gives blessings to him. Daksh makes Vishnu his Aaradhya (main) god, and asks to be with him all the time. Vishnu says that he will not become a Prajapati until he receives blessings of Mahadev. Daksh asks if Mahadev is here, but Vishnu asks him to worship the Shiva lingam present there

Daksh starts to worship in order to get his blessings for his duties as Parajapati, Mahadev gets to know about this and stops for a moment. Daksh receives blessings from Mahadev. Person present started shouting Prajapati Daksh ki Jai!’ Angira is not happy about this.

There Mahadev is walking is continuously until he reaches cemetery. Cannibals sitting over there are shocked to Mahadev here. Mahadev smears his body with ash and sprinkles it in the air too.

Precap:- Prasuti tells Daksh that she saw someone strange, Daksh sons decides to take sanyas’, this infuriates Daksh, he asks his soldiers to bring the man who asked his sons to take sanyas’, soldiers reach there, Mahadev defeats them all.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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