Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th February 2013 Written Update

Kuber asks forgiveness from Shivji, says he has realized, the hunger of storing wealth can never be fulfilled, please give me one more chance. Pravati gets a Modak & some grains of Rice in a leaf in her hand, gives it to Ganesh. Ganesh eats those grains of Rice, says my hunger is satisfied now. He gets back to his normal form.
Shivji tells Kuber, our Prakriti is the biggest example for us. If Prakriti stores flowers , fruits, water, air etc then what will happen. Prakriti doesn’t store them, gives it to those who needs it. Simillarly Dhan is to fulfill required needs . Those who have more wealth then required have a bigger responsibality of restoring balance in Sansar, give it to those who need it. Kuber apologises to Ganesh, says I have ralised my mistake.

Ganesh says he is happy for that. He returns Kuber’s palace’s roof, his wealth etc. Kuber says from now onwards my wealth is for everyone. Shivji bless him that even he will be worshipped with Ganesh. Kuber says along with Shubh (auspicious) even Laabh (gain) will stay with my blessings for, those who will worship Ganesh. Everyone does Ganesh’s Jay Jyakar.
In Patal loka Sumali welcomes With his father Viprachitta, who says my son Hund is cursed to be killed by Aayu’s son, Nahush. Sumali says Hund can be killed only after Nahush marries Ashok Sundari. If he is killed before that then the curse will not work. If their army unites then King Aayu’s army can not defeat them. The Asura says he’ll think of a strategy for war. They leave. Sumali says he is doing this just to get Dashanana back who is engrossed compeletely in Shiv bhakti.
At Kailash Mushaks shows Modaks covered by cloth to ganesh, which were brought by Menavati , asks for how long will they be kept this way? He saysonce their Bhavan is made, they’ll be kept in that. Paravti is sad hearing this.
Dashanana is looking at a model of Bhavan. Kuber comes & apologises for not trying to make him meet Shivji. He says it will happen only when Shivji wishes. His bhakti will take him to Kailash, he’ll make Bhavan for him. Kuber says, this means he hasn’t understood Shivji properly, before his marriage, me & Vishwakarma had tried to convince him to have a Bhavan . Even mata Parvati is not able to change him. Do not even try that, Shivji can get angry.
Paravti is sad, sees Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari & Ganesh playing. Shivji comes there too. Ashok Sundari tells Ganesh, Kartikeya bhaiyya is ahead of you, you’ll have to score a pt. to get a Modak. Ganesh says he’ll anything that for a Modak.
Shivji & Parvati in telepathic talk. He doesn’t like to see her sad. Parvati says how much ever she trys , the thought of a Bhavan keeps on appearing again & again. He says all three of us Brhma, Vishnu & me have our responsibalities. I am responsible for detachment from Bhog. The moment a Bhavan is be made on Kailash, there will be imbalance in the World. She says it’s for their 3 children’s needs. Isn’t it possible to have a way out to of this situation? Shivji gives her permission to make a Bhavan as per her wish.She is surprised & is happy, says, even she’ll realize if balance is possible or not? But if that is doesn’t happen, she’ll destroy that Bhavan. Shivji wants to announce this in front of everyone, tells her to call everyone. He is thinking you are so attached with the thought of a Bhavan, how will you destroy it once it is made?

Precap: Kartikeya & Ganesh are in a Bhavan which is dark. It is Shanidev’s Bhavan, he is sitting, his wife tells him to go out of the Bhavan. Shanidev says he doesn’t feel like going anywhere. Ganesh tells him to go to Kailash.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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