Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th October 2013 Written Update

At the Kailash the Saptrishi gang n Brhmdev along with Naradji, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Menavati turn up assemble and discuss on the yagy on lands of Kailash.. Naradji states that he never imagined a yagya held at the Kailash.

Mahadev replies that he ain’t any anti- yagy one, but he is against the pretentious pomp that are held in the name of a yagya. Shiva adds, he is against the harm that is made to the nature in the name of dharm… he opposes wastage of food which could have been given to the needy and instead is given away in the fire.. he is against those yagyas which are a shear display of power n is wrong to compare this very yagy to the above, which is gonna be done on the hands of the sons who wish to free and relieve their mother

of the evil. By this a mother will feel the love of her sons, the family and that of the devotees..and apparently Parvati will attain peace.

Back here Indr is pissed off seeing everyone sing havan karengey at the Kailash, when they have to stop M & M brothers..Brihapsti feels vexed and thinks he is unfortunate to give an explanation of the reason behind the yagya at Kailash how its gonna help the knowledge of NavDurga roopas in the world. Indr retorts that the world only can gain that knowledge if M n M bros keep the world as they know it. Brhaspati replies that Indr doesn’t have faith in Mahadev’s powers.. he advices Ind to have a little more faith in Mahadev and give away the negative thoughts. So Indr now takes things in his own hands.

Here Mani emotionally blackmails Mata that she needs to help his elder brother from that Aghori as the guy insulted him infront of everyone.. she ought to help them as he is her fav devotee…the aghori is unfair she wouldn’t want to side an unjust one..!

Malla and gang walks and walks n waklks deep into the forest to reach the rakshas… Malla feels impatient of the wait..and asks Toogr how long it is for the place?
Toogr replies that they have covered most of the path..and they may be tired but then they need to remember that if aghora reaches before them its gonna be trouble for them..

As there are peace yagyas at Kaliash there are a peace bhangg yagyas on earth too from Mani’s side to evoke the rage of mata…

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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