Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev says to mansa that if we see then everybody is same, only difference is of awareness and is there any god and goddess who have not given exam in their bad time and at that they have established and you are trying to take revenge of your father’s death. Look at chandradhar, his all sons died but he is not blaming me and look you, you cannot become goddess until you have guts to become goddess. Anger, revenge is taking you from your path. Look your way, you have move away from your path. You always oppose hypocrisy but now you follow it.
Mansa thinks about herself then she feels guilty and says, sorry. i am not right person to become goddess because i have challenge to divinity of mahadev .Let me forgive all of you, i fall down in my ego. Diti says, dont

say sorry, i have already forgive you. You have given suffering to chandradhar, so now go and say sorry to him. Mansa says sorry to chandradhar. Chandradhar says, no mansa, you are daughter of mahadev, dont say sorry, i was also mistaken, i have not given you proper respect and my son’s sacrifice is not gets wasted and now you have taken lesson. Mansa says, with whom soil you have made, you are still forgiving me. Please give me power mahadev, so that i will cure laxmidhar. Mahadev says, your power is still in you and now you again try. Mansa again tries and then she cures laxmidhar. Laxmidhar wakes up.
everybody gives prostration to mahadev and mata. Mansa says sorry to mata for her behaviour. Please give me power so that i will do atonement. Mata says, you have already done atonement. Mansa says, i have not make alive to chandradhar’s son, i am really atoned with it. Then chandradhar’s all son comes. everybody again gives prostration to mahadev and mata then mahadev declares mansa as devi and gives blessing that if anybody will worship you then any kind of venom will deactivate and you will save your devotee. I will give you blessings. mansa then becomes devi. Chandradhar pray to mahadev and says, you have given alot to your devotee then what will your devotee wants from you, he will only sacrifice for you.
Mahadev and mata converse with each other, mahadev ask from mata, what happen parvati, why are you so tensed? Mata says, i am so sorry, i left you alone. Mahadev says, its all happened because of this many works happened. How will mansa become devi. Mata says, i had frightened that i have lost you. Mahadev says, we both taking body of human but if we will leave each other then how will this earth run. NOt only i adhere this earth, you also help me. If we mislay each other then we again get each other in some other form. Mahadev hugs mata. Mata says, you have done alot in our relation. You always maintained our relation whether by love or by faith.

Mata says, how you have always happy with me. Mahadev says, you have always accepted everything that i have given to you. You have convert a recluse into married life.

Precap:- Saraswati mata says to brahma ji that devraj indra will get defeated then brahma ji shouts on devi parvati and mahadev gets angry on him and says, how dare you to shout on devi saraswati, you are insulting whole women.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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