Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Lakulesh pleading with Mahadev to come out of his meditation. He tells Mahadev that someone else has taken your place and he is married.Come out of your meditation and tell the world that you are the real Shiva and someone is conning the world in your name
Mahadev does not open his eyes. Devi Bhairavi appears there and says to him that this is not the first time Shiv has gone into sadhana and neither it is the last . And whenever shiv has come out of Sadhana Shiv and Shakti have become one. Lakulesh says he does not believe this
Narayan says that Shiv and Shakti are one and eternal. When there was nothing they were there and will be there after there is nothing

Devi says that that you are thinking of shiv in only

one aspect where as he has many aspects . She tells him the story of King Bharat and says once there was king Bharat. He wanted to prove he i the greatest so he thought he will climb to the highest mountain and hoist his flag there.He thought no one else has done that befoore him. But when he reached the mountain top he found to his amazement that many other flags were hoisted there . On each it was written I was not the first here
Devi Bhairavi wanted to tell him that our knowledge is most of the time incomplete and we think we know but in fact we dont
but Lakulesh does not understand this and says what has that got to do with Shiv being married
Devi Bhairavi tries again she says that behind each mountain there is another mountain but our eyes do not see it. you are seeing what you want to see and and you are believing to be right what is in front of you but there are many things which you do not know
Lakulesh says My shiv cannot be married and thanks for bringing me here but I dont need you anymore
He says this is the real Shiv the one who is in front of me. The one with Mundamaal
Devi says do you know Lakulesh whose Mund is that? She says those are Sati’s mund and in the eternal cycle of time all of them were once Shiva’s wives
then each mund comes in front of him and show aan aspect of Sati’s life. Somewhere she is dancing. Somewhere she is marrying shiva

Lakulesh gets confused and pleads with Shiva to open his eyes. He says show me the way
Shiva opens his eyes and says I am for each bhakta the way they want me. I am for you the way you want me. I am for Narayan the way he wants to see me. But why are you imposing the way you want me on to others. This does not suit my Bhakta. I am eternal I am eternal I was there when time started and would be there when time ceases to be
Mahadev puts his hand over Lakulesh’s head and he realizes how insulting he had been to Devi Parvati. He seeks forgiveness and says I want to understand the cycle of time
Shiva says you are the medium through which I wanted to explain this cycle. But for that you have too first know the Sati Rahasya

Every one becomes serious

Shiva says to Lakulesh let me take you to the beginning of time when all this started
Narayan says to Angira and Kashyap that Mahadev has taken vairagya

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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