Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 4th February 2013 Written Update

Gannu bhayya makes a grand entry and is now asked to do the honours of having the feast first.
Gannu bhayya as everyone knows finishes the food as soon as it is got..seeing this Kuber gets tensed. Ganeshji orders Kuber to bring more… Kuber patiently arranges for it.
Seeing Ganesh literally putting those bowls of laddus in startles The devas, the rishis and most of all Kuber himself.
After food Ganesh is been offered fruits..a few plates full of fruits and those even are finished by Ladu Ganesha in no time.
Ganesh asks them to get more food.. this time he just vanishes the food items into his stomach.
After literally emptying whole of the items Ganesh says, It was just the starter..get what all you have. All are shocked at this.


of the sevaks informs that the food is finished. Hearing to this Ganesh angers at Kuber and says that its disgraceful on his part for not arranging for enough food at the Mahabhoj.

Kuber then orders to bring more food.. more food is brought and put forth Gannu bbhayya.
Even that finishes.. Kuber says that all is over..even then his hunger is not which Ganesg feels angry huge..he says after promising him he (Kuber) is insulting him…
What are his parents gonna say, what is the world gonna say?
That a wealthy Kuber couldn’t even satisfy his hunger!

Kuber requests him to wait till he orders food from outside..Ganesh says that when he is hungery he wont wait for anything ..and he has to do so, he is gonna eat anything he finds infront of him.
GAnesha then through his trunk sucks in the Golden lock which was there to the door, which eventually opens up and all the Gold is absorbed by Ganesh’s trunk.
Kuber requests him not to do so…all the devtas observe this.

Parvati ma feels upset seeing Ganesha’s hunger not been satisfied.

GAnesh says that even eating the Gold he is still hungry..what is he going to eat then?
GAnesha eyes on the palace.. Kuber observes this and requests him not to eat away his palace.
Ganesha now does whatever he eyes on…as he absorbs the whole palace the walls gets cracks upon it…
As he does that the whole hall is wrecked seeing this Ravan comes to his brother calling him..
Kuber asks his brother to help him, but Ravan says that no one has got enough capacity to fight his Mahadev’s son; and suggests that only Mahadev can stop him, so pray him.
On that note Kuber calls Mahadev for Yelp.

At Kailash Mahadev and Parvati devi talk and Mahadev says that since Kuber has called them they have to go..Parvati devi says that Kuber hasn’t called her so there is no need for her to go there.
Mahadev replies that she is the most wanted one there.. for Kuber and their son Ganesh.

Ganesh asks for more food, Kuber replies there is nothing left..he now eyes on Kuber’s potli.. Ganesh says on yes, there is one more thing left- his polti, the one with which he runs the world.
Then Kuber says that he has become a pauper.. Ganesh replies that he is still there.
Kuber gets the shock of the century… he is still alive and he hasn”t made Ganesh’s hunger satisfied..
Kuber constantly calls Mahadev for help.. Ganesha takes Kuber into his golu hands and lifts him up..
A voice says “Ganesh”

Its Mahadev, everyone pay their respect to Mahadev n devi Parvati..Shiva subtly gestures Ganesh to put Kuber down.
Ravan feels humbled to find Mahadev at his place.
Kuber goes to Mahadev’s refuge.

Mahadev questions Kuber that he had a promise to look at and why was his life so important while fulfilling it?

Kuber says that he did promise, but he didn’t know that Ganesh’s hunger was never ending.

Shiva explains that it was not Ganesh’s alone’s hunger, but the hunger of the beings living in the whole world which awakened in Ganesh…
These were the beings whose hunger , he would have satisfied by his wealth, but he didn’t do that.
The unhappiness which has spread across the world has come down to swallow him.


To fulfill others unger… help others… by giving.

Kuber realizes his mistake and promises that all his wealth will be shared with the less fortunate.

Shiva gives Kuber a boon.
Hence forth Kuber will also be prayed along with Ganesh… the Shubh has to be with Labh inevitably..

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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