Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 3rd May 2013 Written Update

As Parvati devi meditates chanting ‘om’ , she slowly drifts into the deeper level of it… where one can see light, stars etc… the next thing Parvati devi observes was the flashes of Sati getting into Shakti roop… she feels the power n heat of the energy that Sati/ Parvti devi had in her past…
There is huge amount of energy transformation happening from her thoughts- past memories to her present self and the entire prakriti in reference. thus the whole nature is disturbed.. volcanoes erupt, storm rises… Kartikeya and Ganesh discovers this and they find their mother become almost red due to the enormous energy that she is feeling.

Back at the battle field…
Amid the armies an over confident Indr feels gladdened as he

is backed up with a powerful weapon..
Dev Guru expalins him that having all the weapons of Brhmdev, Vishnudev or all other devtas isn’t gonna make anyone win.. For one has to fight the war first.

Then the asur army is echoed with praises to Jal.. who emerges outta the crowd.

Then Shukrachary moves out of the battle field… and back at the quarters Vrinda prays to her deity – Sri Hari Vishnu.
At te battle field Indr is ready with his bow and arrow …and all the devtas watching the scene.

Shujkrachary goes to Vrinda tells her that all the asura’s focus is on the battle field… where asur king Jalandhar is gonna fight..
Vrinda says that she is praying for asur raj- Jal.

Our cupid- asur guru- Shukrahary asks why not for the whole asur army and why just for asur king?
Vrinda brushes off that take of her act saying that she couldn’t forgo her father’s word.
Shukrachary asks doesn’t she has a duty for her own self>

She replies that it would be selfishness…
To which he replies that there cannot be any more insult to self than not accepting ones won truth! (pehle toh confuse karte hai asur guru and then he gives tips to get out of it! *funny*)
Vrinda asks for guidance.

Shukrachary asks her to accept the fact that Jal is her everything in front of Vishnu dev..

The coach blows at the battle field with Jal’s fierce expression.. he moves towards the dev army..

Indr on the other hand is confident with the weapon which is made of all the powers of all the devtas.
Back here Shukrachary is waiting for Vrinda’s consent but she denies.. Shukrachary says that he’s gonna tell her one unknown truth then she could decide for herself..
The fact is Jal has a boon that if he marries a pure- a women with great devotion, loyalty and integrity he will be impossible to defeat.
Shukravhary says that there is no one as pure as she is… she is their only chance to save asur raj, she cannot ignore her duties for her king and most for her own love. He also adds that by now Indr must have attacked Jal…

Indr shoots the arrow – which moves (not lightning fast) but in slow motion… back here Vrind resists to say that Jal is her essence of existence.

As the arrow reaches Jal it waits for Vrinda’s consent.. yeh Vrinda agrees that Jal is her reason of existence. And the arrow becomes powerless.. Jal gets to realize that probably Vrinda would have accepted him and prayed for his well being.

All are shocked seeing this… Jal advances towards him.
Indr continues to throw his weapons on Jal and repeatedly gets defeated.


Jal and Vrinda’s wedding
Indr had to kiss good bye to his crown
Shiva now decides to intervene…

Update Credit to: killer_shark

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