Devon ke Dev Mahadev 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Mahadev is back to kailash. nandi and ganpret are happy to see him back.

At Vaikunth, Vishnuji bhramadev and narad are talking about mahadev.
vishnuji says that Mahadev will soon be back in his vastavik roop as we join urjas of tridevs and also his milan with adishakti is near.

Sati is in her tent, where she hears damru and gets mesmerised and starts moving towards kailash. she passes through the samshaan and reach more nearer to kailash.

At kailash, nandi is crying and waiting for mahadev to come out of his dhyaan. then vishnu and bhramadev comes and the urjaas from the tridevs unite and enters in mahadev and creates a “prakash puch” the intensity of that light was so high that everyone present there is not able to see mahadev

too reaches kailash and witnesses everything. she sees mahadev sitting on his aasan and how the urjas unite and the praksh punch.

in forest daksh enquires about sati’s whereabout to which her sisters says that she is sleeping in her tent, khyati and aiditi enters sati’s tent to see her but they do not find her there. khyati gets worried and decides to inform this to daksh but aditi suggest her not to and should go to search sati before daksh can come to know. they remember sati willing to go to that mountain so they too goes in that direction and reaches kailash. they finds sati there and takes her away.

here Mahadev is back to his vastavik roop(karpur gauram in bg) but stil his eyes are closed.

in forest daksh gets restless as khyati aditi has not returned with any news about sati. so he decides to go and check by himself, he enters her tent and finds her asleep, he enquires about her health to which khyati says she was lost in jungle and just returned from a long journey so she is tired and taking rest, but suddenly sati speaks something about prakash punch which makes daksh angry he says there’s something more to this. tell me where she has been and what did she saw.
khyatti tells him everything about kailash to what they saw there. hearing about kailash and mahadev daksh gets angry and shouts sati and ask her what did she saw??? sati says she saw a man who was egoistic, full of himself with animal skin worn as clothes with trishul in his hand,
hearing this prajapati gets more angry and says dont tell me that you met shiv, do you even know who he is, he is the biggest enemy of our family,

at kailash, nandi and everyone is happy to see mahadev back to his original self . vishnuji says that he is back but he is still lonely and that can be cured only wen sati will enter his life as his wife.

precap: mahadev thinking about something and here daksh warning everyone about mahadev and ask everyone to take care of her.

Update Credit to: foram

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