Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Shiva informs Vishnu dev and Brhmdev that he is gonna do penance to let the transformation happen…

Devi Sarswathi, Parvati devi and Lakshmi devi at Kailash discuss abt the Trimurti getting ruined if Laku’s wish of getting Mahadev in his original form of viragi is done..
Parvati devi tells that all this g Mahadev always had thought of the sansaara and now he is just gonna think abt his Bhakt Lakulesh.

Back here Lakulesh writes Shiva’s name onto his skin by piercing it with a sharp thing…He says guess even Shiva feels the same… its fair enough, he is at least grateful that Shiva gave him the chance of doing his bhakti…
He talks to SHiva if he doesn’t wish to listen to hiim, then at least fulfills his last wish of having

SHiva’s name on his lips till the moment he dies.

Back here Shiva takes the form of Viragi wearing skeletons and gets reminded of Sati’s words…
The words she uttered while doing hath yo go to her father’s place for yagya uninvited..
Then how she says if anything wrong had to happen to her then Shiva would come only after that..
Then after being insulted she vows to self immortalize
And then she gives her last regards to all her relatives before she dies.

Each words pierce through his gut…
AT Kailash, Parvati ma decides that she’d try one last chance to convince Laku by turning into her original form with Sarswati devi and Lakshmidevi.. and if Mahadev takes his original form the wolrd will be in trouble…on asked why so much effort for Laku..Parvati devi says its for Mahadev no for Laku.. Nandi tells mata that only she could bring Mahadev back..

Then Shiva brings those skeletons to fly n trun into ashes one by one…
Sati’s words haunt him… how she says that her human body is not fit for Shiva… he closes his eyes to meditate and then a very bright light appears..its Bhiravi devi..
At Ksheer sagar, Vishnuji talks abt Bhiravi dev, that she had to interview now perhaps she might succeed in changing Laku’s mind… and stop the separation of trimurti.

She asks Mahadev one last chance to convince Laku.. Shiva says that the guy won’t listen to any verbal statements..he is above all that now..
Shiva tells that Laku is too sensitive and he has started to hurt himself now.

but Bhiravai devi request Mahadev taht she’d try to make him understand things before he turn into his original viragi form…the guy needs to be taught the deeper meaning of Shiva’s viragi form..the original form of SHiva… it can only be done by letting him know the past. She tells that if she doesn’t succeed in convincing the guy, she’d let him take charge.

Laku back here is all upset and starts to move towards the pyre SHiva’s thoughts and bhakti…then Bhiravai devi appears and stops him from his suicide attempt… he apologizes to her for insulting the other day not knowing her true form..

She tells him that he has mistaken in knowing Mahadev’s true form..on denied, Devi tells him that he needs to understand the real Shiva.. he can’t accept SHiva in this form.

Laku says that his SHiva was never a family person…Mata tells what is his problem if SHiv becomes a family person… Laku shouts that his Shiv is detached without any wishes!(yeh achi zabardasti hai)
He stood out of tridev cause of this trait- he was not entangled by the bonds of worldly relationships..he never needed any love of a woman.. SHiv was from these shackles of bondage.

Hearing this Mata asks whether he is an ayonij (Meaning: that is they were not gestated in the human womb) no right.. he too was born naturally from human form.. even his existence was due to his parent’s marriage and their nurture and care for him fulfilling all the obligations..the why does he has a prb with SHiva’s marriage..?

Laku counters that his SHiva teaches Viragya…taught to be detached and only way to libation is through viragy. (arey bhi when Shiva told he’d give u the same.,u asked a few more years in his bhakti… issliye manga tha ki agaey jakey jeena mushkil karsako unka! confused bhakt) He himself taough all the bhakts this way of bhakti and now he can’t turn things around and not follow what he taught..

Mata says that its not his fault but of his POV and limited thinking and he has abso no clue of this mistake of his would reap perils for the world, Shiva and Tridev.

Lakuu says he cares only abt SHiva and nuthing else…he thinks his suicide is the only option.. now Bhiravi ma takes the guy to the cave where Shiva is in his saadhna.. he goes in and sees darkness with pyre burning,..he observes Shiv’s tears- a path of rudrakasha ..he touches it… then moves ahead seeing Shiva’s structure afar…

Naradji shares that Laku got his Shiva, at last Bhiravi devi succeeded in convincing him..Brhmdev informs that he did accepts his Viragi Shiva has come but not that Shiva can be a married one too.

Vishnu dev tells them that if she has not succeeded in convincing then there has to be re narration of stories done from the time wheel…Naradji asks if he gonna take to the starting pt of the evnts…Narayan says person can’t be certain of his position and events in the timeline and where a person stands.

Laku goes to Shiva who is in sadhna..he realizes its his Shiva..he complains that some other fake Shiva who pretends to be him..he asks Shiva to come with him to tell teh world his truth and stop the betrayal done by the fake one.


Laku tries to wake Shiva from his sadhna..Parvati devi infroms Laku abt the skeleton heads which hang from SHiva’s neck are Sati’s

Update Credit to: sankalp

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