Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st October 2013 Written Update

Villagers are happy at Mani’s death. Worried Mai asks Mhalsa, where was she for so long? She vows to take the revenge. A villager thanks Martand, says you’ve come in life like God. Marand says Paradhan of this Kshetra is here. Yallakoti recognizes him too. Pradhan is Vishnuji in disguise. Villagers are happy seeing him. Pradhan says Martand has told him about everything. He wants to meet Malla before the final war. He leaves. Villagers are worried about his safety. Mai asks, since many years they haven’t heard about him or his family. Martand shows them Pradhan’s wife, she is Lakshmiji in disguise. Mai welcomes her, asks what’s her name? Lakshmi says Martand. Mai tells her you are names from Lakshmiji, hope your steps in this Kshetra will bring prosparity

forever. Lakshmi agrees to that.
In his cave Malla is giving aahuty in fire. He puts hiss blood too by cutting his finger & does tilak of his own blood. Malla asks, Ma had promised, she will come to protect us. But why she betrayed us?
Mani in Malla surfaces, says Mata had come, she gave me what I asked, Mukti. Malla says my bhakti is not selfish. Mani in Malla reminds him, Mata had told us if we’ll follow path of Adharma, she’ll leave us & go. Malla refuses to accept this. Tells other Aghories to prepare for the final battle.
Pradhan enters the cave. Malla asks who is he? He says I am pradhan of this state. He asks Malla not to fight or he will be defeated & if he surrenders, will get mukti. Malla tells his people to catch him, he’ll give this Pradhan mukti now. Vishnuji appears in his original form. Aghories are shocked, they bow down. Malla is surprised too. Vishnuji tells him Mahadev & paravti were in fornt of you, but you choose to fight with them. Tommorrow will be the last day & you will be defeated. He disappears.
Martand- Mhalsa, in Telepathic convo, it’s time for your duty. She nods.
In the battle field Martand tells the villagers, this war is between good & evil. Your fight will inspire others in future, while facing such circumstance, not to give up to evil, fight & finish it. Pradhan tells the villagers, who are ready to fight, today when you’ll fight Mahadev’s strength will be with you. Marand nods when Pradhan looks at him. Lakshmi tells them, Aadi Shakti’s strength will be with them in today’s fight. Mhalsa too nods, when Lakshmi looks at her.
With Yallakoti Yallkoti Jay Jay Malhar’s chant, they are ready.
Malla is there too with his army. He tells them they have to take revenge of Mani’s death.
Mhalsa says, Mangal’s sacrifice will not be forgotten. Both look at each other with anger.

Precap: Villagers along with Mhalsa & Martand are fighting with Malla & his Aghories. Mhalsa & Malla too fight. She is about to kill him. Mani in Malla satarts doing mata, mata mata mata. Mhalsa stops turns to move ahead. Malla, picks up his sword, attacks her calling her mata in Human form. But is stopped by Martand.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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