Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st May 2013 Written Update

Nandi comes between Kartikeya and Jal…
Jal says that no one can come in his way and he pushes Nandi.
Nandi stands there determined.

He does that for a couple of times but Nandi doesn’t move an inch.
Jal gets pissed off and feels that his own subject would lose faith in him if he doesn’t act now.
Then Jal punches his fist to Nandi’s stomach… this hurts Nandi and he falls down with pain, Jal turns around thinking he has defeated Nandi and laughs wickedly…but Shiva’s ardent devote- stands there like a mountain getting ready to eat more punches.

Seeing this Jal is annoyed and start to punch Nandi’s face… this gives hard blows to Nandi, yet he braves to stand uttering ‘Har Har Mahadev’

Jal gets insane

and punches Nandi left, right, top, center.. But Nandi never budges. (its so painful to see Nandi like that)

Nandi now falls down and Jal has his evil laughs… He tells Nandi, if he’s gonna get up he, Jal, is gonna kill him and his devotion.

Then again Nandi tries to get up uttering ‘Har Har Mahadev’
Jal is gets vexed up and in rage he activates his fire element and throws Nandi away.
Lakshmi devi asks to Vishnu dev that Jal uses his krodha-agni to destroy his enemies, but why couldn’t Nandi get affected with this?
Vishnu dev replies that Nandi was fighting as a devotee, his devotion is so strong and his devotion saves him.

Jal shouts if there a fitting competitor to him.. has Kailash got just this much?
He finds himself glared at by Ganesh holding an axe in his hands.
Shivi and others stay witness to this event all the way.

Jal says “doesn’t ant one has the courage to face him that they have sent me this kid, so that I’d be feeling sympathetic.”

Ganesh says that he is Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s son…

Ganesh says that Nandi never attacked him but he (Ganeshji) will.
Jal says “Run along kid, go and send you father!”

Gannu bhayya tries to scare away Jal by his axe… but Jal moves backwards..
Jal mmocks Ganesh saying that its not his play ground but battle ground.. Ganesh says that indeed it was his play ground cause of Jal’s arrogance, over ambition and unjust it turned into a battle field.

Gannu bhayya does this for sometime attacking Jal but the axe couldn’t even touch Jal’s body.
At one instance Jal caught holds of the axe and pulls it away from Gannu bhayya and throws it away.

Then Ganesh turns back and walk away.. seeing this Jal laughs out loud.. but not for a long time.. he sees Ganesh turning back with anger in his eyes and literally leaping- flying to him to give him (Jal) a super kick!

Jal gets a hard blow and he tries not to fall down… then Jal goes to Ganesh and lift him up and throws him hard aside.. seeing this Mahadev gets angered.

Both the parents feel that their little one is in some trouble..

Mahadev now arrives and picks up his youngest child and Nani supports Kartiekya to stand right…

Uh wasting time with all those longg- staring -sessions!

As they walk towards Jal the night dawns.
Jal warns Mahadev saying that its his last night.. to say goodbyes to his loved ones.. Mahadev answers to that ” it indeed is the last night, for he still has a night to redeem his wrongs!”

“Tomorrow before the conch blow of the star of war there will be a conch blow of his victory” says an arrogant Jal.

Jal says that he’d destroy Mahadev.. he is immortal and invincible.

Jal says that Mahadev can not probably attack him, but he can destroy him (Mahadev)” and throws a trident to Mahadev…
Mata Parvati’s angry side awakens.. Narayna says that Shiv and Shakti are gonna become one again. .

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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