Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st March 2014 Written Update

Kalbeet puts forth his say about the needlessness of venturing outside.. his parents always force him to go out.. whats the use in going out in such cruel society where human can even kill another to fulfill his greed.Mahadev listens.. And the world is filled with problems. (right.. ‘Be the change you wish to see’)
On asked the kids says that he hears his parents talk on how merciless the society has turned into..where no one cares a dam about the other..there was one incident where the neighboring state suffered a drought and many people died cause of it…no one cared to help those suffering people..the world is ruthless indeed.. Mahadev seconds that even that must have been said my his parents. The kid says even they are unhappy with the world..and

why do they wish even him to endure that!

Shiva asks what did his parents do for them..instead of showing piety if they had helped those people out, they could have saved at least one soul.
Doesn’t he feel one should do things accordingly how they wish to see happen around them..(‘Helping hands are holier than praying lips’ of my fav quotes)
The kid says that nothing would have helped them even if they had tried, as the people of that city themselves never helped each other…the kid questions Mahadev,. even he must have traveled many places…isn’t it a true story everywhere?

Before Shiva could utter another word..Ganesh comes running and informs them that he heard from the villagers that there was a dangerous animal on the lose..and it preys on humans.
Mahadev plays along and acts to be furious on the human killing animal…they find a tokri moving inside the house and Natesh fears that its the same animal..then Kalbeet goes near it eve after their warning..he opens the tokri (basket) and finds a rat under it..which escapes.. this leaves the kid rolf Ganesh wonders that it was an animal…Kalbeet laughs at Natesh for being afraid of a little creature as rat (metaphoric mesg…no porblem/ fear can be big than us..), he then enlightens Natesh, not to blindly believe people until you know the truth urself..

Mahadev appreciates the kid’s wisdom and adds (indirectly)that, Kalbeet is right, he must have seen things himself and come to a conclusion if things existed…and not blindly believe other’s say without a proper proof- its illusion…the veil of illusion of what people put forth you…you need to find the truth with a point of view.

He says that though they can’t deny the existence of human killing beasts but there are many other beautiful animals in world too …likewise the world constituent both greed and compassion ; hatred and love…they co exists. Kalbeet ponders..
Just cause of one bitter experience keeping oneself away from the world is staying away from the diversities of it..

Natesh says yeh, as long as the creature doesn’t come forth him, he’d be fearless..but the day he encounters any such thing, he’d fight it dauntlessly..and win and even if he loses he’d be called a fighter but not a QUITTER. Natesh says he’d face the world..
Kalbeet is enlightened and steps towards the door.

Back here Indr is skeptical if the kid would make use of the opportunity given to him by Mahadev.. Dev guru assures taht Mahadev has always done things in the best of the world..and he knows what he is doing.

Here Pushpdant justifies his deed saying that whatever he did was out of devotion, besides everything belongs to Mahadev..

The king is determined to punish Pushpdant..he is by the king’s order gonna be put in the prison…before that happens..Naradji arrives and seeks permission from the king to intrude into his matters..
He says the king to let Mahadev decide of this guy is to be given punishment or not.!

Then Naradji suggest that, if he has to prove his innocence or guilty..let Mahadev prove the guy’s innocence/ guilt. Pushpdant adds that if they let him offer the flower to Mahadev and if Mahadev accepts it citing his motive true and pure then he’d be set free and if not he is happy with the punishment given.

Back here the purohit’s family chants ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ before their dinner.. Mahadev tells Kalbeet that they have another drill here..the mother says the food might get cold.. Natesh replies that it will take just a few minutes..
Mahadev asks them to eat without bending their arms..they feel its impossible..

Then on Maadev’s persuasion they try bu in vain..the mother says that its impossible and besides the food is all falling down which is an insult to the food.,
Mahadev asks Kalbeet to try… Kalbeet in a while tells his mom to eat from his hands..this jalofies their dimakki batti and they all feed each other.

EVen Natesh feeds Mahadev (best moment)

Mahadev gives a brief on the dill they just did…he says they encountered a challenge and also knew the rules and rights..that we don’t have to bend out hands and time is passing by..they were not allowed to have their dinner.. but in any challenging time DUTY is more important than rights. The biggest thing in any challenge is to help each other.. Till the time they were cluesless about the solution they were plagued with anger, frustration, doubt..but when Kalbeet found a feeding his mother the first morsel..they helped each other- excellent. Life brings lots of challenges before but what they need is to face them with love and selflessness..and if one does this, then there is no problem which would make us feel helpless and small.

But instead of hoping help from others, first we need to start to help ourselves and the others… then one can see need to change themselves to see the change..the solution is forth them and they have to make a choice.

Meanwhile Pushpdant is presented before everyone for the proof.. Pushpdant is asked to start his prayers..the guy does as said and prays earnestly…he says dear god its ur and ur devote’s test…if he has any impurity of thought then he shouldn’t accept his offering..flower…he offers the flower to the SHiv ling and Mahadev accepts it…

‘How can this be possible how can Mahadev accept a stolen thing.? ‘says one of the spectator.

The devotee is proven innocent.

Precap: The two brother mislead Pushpdant in stealing the golden Shivling.

Update Credit to: sankalp prapti

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