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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with indra says to mahadev that rohitang is getting bad manner, i dont know for what reason he is getting manners and we cannot go to patal. In this situation, we are feeling uncomfortable. Rishi says, prabhu, narayan is also gone to sleeping. Mata says, i am feeling, you are uncomfortable with asurs, it doesnt mean that if any asur will worship for brahma dev then he will harm devs. Indra says, asur only pray to brahma dev for bad intention. May be possible that rohitang is getting bad manner but it is also possible that they can transform their manners. Mata says, it is all due to you, if you didnt inspire to natyang for tandav, then rohitang doesnt born. Rishi says, please prabhu go to patal lok and assure us that asur is not making planning against devs.
Shiv ji accepts

the proposal. Here rohitang does meditation. Andhak ask from rohitang, what are you doing? Rohitang says, time is very valuable but i dont want to do this. Andhak says, then what are you doing at that time? Rohitang says, human being think that sleeping is very essential but i will prove it wrong. Andhak says, ok, then we will meet you in morning. Rohitang says, why not now? Andhak says, your exam preparation is getting ready.
Ganesh ji and kartikayan says to mahadev that we also want to meet with rohitang. Mahadev says, it will make bad impression on rohitang. ganesh ji and kartikayan says, i think we should come in between matter because i think rohitang is getting bad manners from andhak. Mahadev says, if it is happen then it will become bad for world.
Asurs surrounds rohitang and says, today you will not win from us. Rohitang says, we will see later. Asur hits rohitang then rohitang returns the answer of their war and beat all the asurs. Andhak says, today is your last day of your preparation, so take it serious. Rohitang says, if i will take it serious then it will challenge for me.
Andhak says, i can fight with anyone blindly, now i see, can you fight with anyone blindly. Asur beat rohitang then andhak says, listen that if your eyes will support you then use your others indriyas. Concentrate your other indriyas then you will see anything. Then finally rohitang beat asur and asurs declared rohitang as a winner. Rohitang takes blessing from andhak then andhak says, i am really proud of you. All asur will get their proud from you. Rohitang says, you just tell me what will i do?
Andhak says, you have to kill tri dev.
mahadev reaches at patal lok. Mahadev says, we gave you rohitang for asur inflation but you are taking it on wrong way. Andhak says, i am giving him right manners. It is always truth that good manners is bad for me and bad manners is good for me. I only know that i am doing this only for asur faith. Mahadev says, you are filling rohitang with wrong manners. andhak says, your and mine views is always different and it is truth and you always think that i always does wrong but my only dream is to make more popular to my son. Mahadev says, my blessing will always with rohitang when he will do good for world.
Andhak says, i am teaching rohitang in such manner that if anyone will comes under his way then he will kill that person, it doesnt mean if tridev will also come in his path.
Mahadev says, if you try to oppose rohitang against me then you are thinking wrong. Andhak says, i will use rohitang, if you comes in our way. Mahadev says, you have done many wrong work in your life and if you have again did the same thing then you will get same result but if you think something else then ask me. Andhak says, i want to prove this wrong that asur only wants some thing.

Precap:- Mahadev says, rohitang is getting really bad manners from andhak. Here rohitang ask from andhak that who has distracted your view, just tell that name, i will kill him. Mahadev says, now war will began.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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