Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st July 2013 Written Update

King Janak is informed by his ministers, all the kings of big states are informed about this yagya & all the arrangements are made to welcome them. Sita comes, wishes to do a Grand Gauri Puja. Janak is pleased, says he’ll make all the arrangements. But Sita wishes to do so herself.
Rishi Vishwamitara with Ram, Lakshman reaches bank of Ganga. They are told by Vishwamitra, this river Ganga is connected with you. Ram wants to know the entire story. Vishwamitra tells them story of King Sagar’s s 1000 sons turning into Ashes due to Kapil muni’s curse. Indra got jealouse of the Ashwamegh yagya king Sagar was performing. Due to his hiding the Horse of Yagya at Kapil muni’s aashram, Sagar’s sons were burnt into ashes due to that curse. Bhagirath’s tremendous

efforts made it possible for River Ganga’s caming to Earth liberating all the souls. Ganga’s force was unbearable, so Mahadev helped on Bhagirath’s prayer by taking Ganga’s force in his jata. Ganga then came to Earth. Do offer Arghya to Ganga , he tells Ram.
Sita does Aavahan of Gauri. Offers flowers to Gauri’s Idol. Here Paravti wishes to give Sita flowers. Comes there in disguise. She puts flowers in Sita’a hand, who is pleased with their fragrance. Paravti says they are from Kailash. Sita asks her to be part of this puja too. She asks for Gangajal, but a Pundit says, it’s over. She herself wants to go to get Gangajal. Is told Ganga is quite far. She says there is no question of near or far in Bhakti. She reaches bank of Ganga. Puts her hands in water, offers Arghya. On the other side Ram too does the same as asked by Vishwamitra. Both Ram & Sita have a smile on their face. Ganga accepts their Arghya. Seeing Ram smiling Lakshman asks the reason. He felt as if he is connected to someone while doing so.
On their way, they reach rishi Gautam’s aashram. Ram asks why is it so deserted? Vishwamitra tells them the story of Ahilya. Rishi Gautam was asked to create Nyaya shastra by Shivji. Inside the aashram , they come near a stone. Ram feels this place is cursed. Lakshman asks what had happened. Vishwamitra says due to Devraj Indra’s wrong deed, rishi Gaurtam cursed his wife Ahilya. Ram says Indra’s sin is grave but rishi Gautam’s mistake is much bigger then that. One who created Nyaya shastra couldn’t do justice to his wife. He walks towards the stone saying it was not Ahilya’s fault yet she accepted the curse given by her husband. He touches the stone with his right foot. Ahilya returns back to her form. Remembers rishi Gautam’s words- “when Narayan in his Human avatar will come here, you’ll get your Human form again”. Rishi Vishwamitra is surprised seeing this.
Ahilya touches his feet But Ram says, you are a rishi’s wife. Brhmadev’s daughter, how can you touch my feet. Ahilya answers you are Narayan’s avatar for me.

Precap: Paravtin disguise asks Sita, what should be a perfect life partner according to you? Sita answers, the one who performs all his duties being in Maryada, such Maryada Purushottam, can be the perfect match for me. She asks Gauri maiyya, let such a person enter soon here.
Ram, Lakshman with rishi Vishwamitra enter the Palace.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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