Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 31st January 2013 Written Update

The episode begins Mahadev coming to Kuberas Palace in his Jogi avataar.Kuber welcomes him while Ravan is wondering why this jogi seems like his Mahadev.Kubera tells Jogi Mahadev that he doesnt have anything to give him-as he being a yogi stays away from all the things that he has.Ravaan suggests he gives his Bhavan to him,Kubera shuts him up and says a person should only be given those things that they value.Jogi Mahadev says that all of Kuberas wealth is like dirt to him,he doesnt hold any value for it.

Kubera asks him why is he there?Jogi Mahadev says that he is here to remind him of how Mahadev gave him the duty of being the protector/sanrkashak of all the wealth in the world and how he is misusing it(flashbacks are shown).Kubera is stunned as to how to yogi knows the story,while Ravaan is still wondering if this jogi is Mahadev.

Ravaan says that this Jogi must be Mahadev,but Kubera says that Raavan is imagining things.

In Bramhalok,Saraswati asks Bramha as to how Ravaan was capable of recognizing Mahadev but not Kubera.Bramhasays that just like how one cannot see a refelection in a dirty mirror,similarly a mind that is only attacted to material things wont be able to see Divinity even if it is standing in front of them.

Back to Kuberas palace,Kubera says that Mahadev may have given him the responsiblity to protect all the wealth,but at that rate he wouldnt have had all the wealth that he had,and a person who is wealthy has power.

Mahadev has a tiny smile across his face,and asks him if he is so powerful he should show off his wealth and organize a Maha Bhoj/Grand Feast-so that people know how great he is.Kubera is worried about expenses,so decides to call a smaller group of people.Mahadev says as you wish and leaves.

Narad Muni is confused and asks Bramhadev why did Mahadev give Kubera the idea of the Maha Bhoj,Bramhadev asks him to wait and watch.

At Kailash Ganesha,AS and the Ganas try to make a small shack but it gets blown away.Parvati tells Ganesha not to get disappointed-his father will give him a Bhavan as per what he wants.Mahadev listens as Ganesha and AS tell Parvati what they want in thier house.Parvati looks at Mahadev for approval,Mahadev gives a small smile.

Back at Kuberas palace,Ravaan is still wondering why the Jogi gave him a feeling that he was Mahadev,and wonders if Mahadev was trying to give him a message.Ravaan spots Kailash and wonders when will he be lucky enough to go there.Kubera enters the room,as Ravaan asks him to give his regards to Mahadev,and asks him to tell him to way to Kailash.Kubera however is in no mood of directing Ravaan to Kailash at any point of time.

Meanwhile at Kailash,Parvati asks Mahadev if she heard what their children said.Mahadev says that its the duty of parents to give direction to thier childrens dreams.Parvati says its parents duty to fulfill thier childrens dreams too.She says every one in this world needs a home-be it animals,humans or even Gods,then why cant they have a home too?.

Kubera approaches Mahadev and Family for his Maha Bhoj,Mahadev says that Ganesha will be representing the entire Family.However Ganesha puts a condition and says he will come only if he is the first one to be fed and only after he isnt angry anymore others should be fed.

Update Credit to: shruti

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