Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th May 2013 Written Update

Toh starting the episode which is as fast paced…seriously…Dont read the update …WATCH the episode…So wonderful was it…With Kartikeya And Jalandhar was a thrilling episode!!!

So the duel starts and we see Jalandhar overpowering Kartikeya

Kartikeya is putting all his force and the live telecast watchers aka Laxmiji and vishnuji, Brahma and Saraswatiji, are all anxious…Laxmiji asks that since both are powerful warriors, who is the probable winner …Narayan says that it is difficult to defeat Jalandhar who is born out of the anger of Shiva, but then Kartikeya is also a difficult person to beat

On the other side Kartikeya is beaten to ground but he bounces back and madly attacks Jalandhar and keeps on attacking him before

the wounds heal automatically…Everyone on the Devas side praise Kartikeya for this move and Narayan says that if this concentration is not broken then Kartikeya can achieve his goal but Laxmiji says that he has been fighting too many since long, he is bound to have run out of energy…but Narayan says that he is fighting for his parents..that is a different fight altogether…

Jalandhar understands Kartikeya’s ploy and decides to divert his attention and he creates a Mayajal where Kartikeya is shown his abducted mother…Shukracharya (is banging his head figuratively…Murkh one chance Maya astra waste kar daala! but since Murkh was one adjective he used exclusively for Tarkasur, he doesnot say it aloud)

Kartikeya gets all riled up and suffers a set back…Jalandhar takes advantage of this and attacks him brutally and Kartikeya is fatally wounded!

Jalandhar laughs and tells him that not everyone is blessed with self healing wounds boon…
Kartikeya loses his sword…and so Jalandhar challenges him to duel…without the sword..

Narayan remarks that to duel Jalandhar who is so immensely powerful will be very difficult for Kartikeya…and so it happens…Kartikeya is almost beaten in every way by Jalandhar…but Kartikeya keeps on rising but is ultimately defeated and he falls…Jalandhar moves towards his Karttikeyawith the sword..but he throws the sword away as he newars and Kartikeya finally falls unconscious…by that time Nandi has lost control,…and he gives his head kick to Jalandhar

Nandi says that to reach Kartikeya he has to go through him…Jallu asks him about his identity
Nandi tells him that the one of whom you are just and ANsh, I am his devotee
Jallu says that he doesnot fight devotees
he says that I dont want to waste time and tells Nandi to go and send Mahadev!)
Nandi tells him that he will not let Jalandhar pass…so Jalandhar invites him to he wants to know on what base is he challenging Jalandhar…(He almost looks Pretty as he stands there in SRK pose inviting Nandi to attack…I tell you…no one in their right minds could attack something so beautiful!!! *sigh*)

Nandi says that he is not afraid but however mean and bad Jalandhar is, Nandi cannot attack him because of the Shivansh in him…but that did not mean he would leave the way…he would block the way for Jalandhar but he would not attack him…

He says that he would block his way till he is alive…till the last breath!!
Shukracharya is overwhelmed by this show of Bhakti by Nandi…Narad watching the live telecast says that this is not very intelligent/logical…Narayan says that bhakti knows no logic… Narad agrees to this as Narayan says that Nandi is the paragon of Devotion…

Precap:It seems Gannubhaiya has come into the battlefield and Jalandhar is pissed off with children attacking him Gannubhaiya says in dire voice that whoever has attacked me, has always suffered bad consequence, and Nandi would not attack you, but I would and he actually delivers a flying kick to Jallu

Update Credit to: Srushti

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