Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev says to mata, this is the time where sur is generating, i have already warn him but he forget everything. Andhak says to his wife that i will take care of rohitang from mahadev and i will not let him return back to mahadev. I will make him very bad and take revenge back from mahadev. mata says to mahadev, can rohitang becomes bad instead he born from your droplets. Mahadev says, manners comes from parents and this is exploitation on children, parents can transform their children in any way. In same case andhak will make rohitang bad.
Vishnu ji says to laxmi ji, will you take care of world when i will go to sleep. Laxmi ji says, it is exam for me. vishnu ji says, give me permission devi, now its time to go to sleep.
Andhak comes to hilly region with shivansh.

Andhak wife says, where are you going? andhak says to shivansh, i am your brother, will you protect me. Andhak says, i will protect myself in trap and only you will clear the trap but i will unsuccess then i will get killed. Andhak wife interrupts then andhak shouts on her and says, dont interfere. Andhak traps himself. Andhak says, this thousands of snakes venom and if you will not clear it then i will get killed. Rohitang clears the trap. Andhak wife says, this is wrong. Andhak says, you know that i will not get killed easily but rohitang must know the reason of his life.
Mata says to mahadev, i know what is happening in your mind? Mahadev says, you are my part and if you will know my happening then who will understand it? Mata says, shivansh is your part but child will get manners from their parents manners and with parents manners,child grow up. You see everything but not stopping anything and now this time you are not stopping rohitang. Mahadev says, i will sacrifice my parts for world goodness and not only me, we all should sacrifice our parts for world wellness. I cannot transform my love on any one person. mata says, will you sacrifice ganesh and kartikayen for world. Mahadev says, yes. mata says, will you not feeling bad. Mahadev says, i feel bad on everything during ravan killing , sri ram masoleum. You are my wife and our duty is for whole world and we should take care for whole world.
Andhak teaching rohitang. Indra dev gets tensed and says, mahadev has stopped us to see in patal lok and now vishnu ji also gone in sleeping. Rishi says, now this time mahadev can only help us and now he is the only person who know everything and help us for everything.
Rohitang grow up and everybody gets fears with his power. He show his power on high hill. asur says to andhak, you should help rohitang, he is only ten year old child. Andhak says, he is shivansh and he is growing too early, i am teaching him. Rohitang comes out from fire. Asur says, rohitang comes out from volcano. Andhak says, he has power of thousand of volcanoes. Shivansh says, i want to know what is inside the earth and you have teach me, how should anything can harm me. everybody gives slogan of rohitang. Rohitang kills asur and says, i cannot hear anyone’s name in front of my brother. I cannot understand sorry.

Precap:- Mahadev says to mata, ganesh ji and kartikayen, that rohitang is now totally transform and andhak says to rohitang about war.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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