Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th July 2013 Written Update

Sita is doing Gauri puja. Is told, some sadhus have come to Mithila, they haven’t had food since some days. She, gets up, goes towards the Shiv Dhanush. A dasi informs King Janak about that. Sita lifts the Shiv Dhanush, is asked not to do so by her dasis. But she goes ahead pulling the thread. Which makes big sound. Making all the Fruits falling from the trees in the Garden. She asks the fruits to be picked up. Janak comes with Sunayana. She asks him not to act angry when he is not. Janak smiles. Sita asks him to forgive her. Sayas there is a special connection with this Shiv Dhanush. He asks her there are so many Dhanush, why do you always pick up this Dhanush only? She answers there is a special connection with this Dhanush. Some Sadhus have come to Mithila, but are

hungry since some days. She wanted to arrange Falahaar for them. She puts the Shiv Dhanush back to it’s place. Janak with folded hand asks Shivji to forgive Sita for using this Dhanush. Shivji appears, says there is nothing wrong in what Sita did. Except her there is one more person who is capable of lifting this Dhanush. This will help in finding the right match for her. Janak announces Dhanush Yagya.
Rishi Vishwamitra tells Ram & Lakshman, they are invited for Janak’s Yagya. Ram expresses his happiness of seeing his Aaradhya’s Dhanush.
Sita asks Janak, is it right for a girl to leave everything & go with someone unknown after marriage? Janak explains there will be someone for you, having all the best qualities a person should have. Sita asks, are you sure there is someone like this? Janak answers, some years back even your mother Sunayana, come here leaving her father’s place. He asks her to think over her dilemma.
At Kailash Shivji, Parvati are remembering, Ashok Sundari. Shivji says a daughter is Janani too, A daughter is form of a Devi. Where as Sita is Lakshmiji only born to marry Narayan, adds Parvati.
In front of Gauri’s idol Sita asks her mother Sunayana, is there really someone who can hold this Shiv Dhanush? Sunayana asks her to respect her father’s wish.
Sita tells Janak, she is ready for the Yagya. Janak is happy. Looking at the Dhanush, Sita thinks, this Dhanush is given by Parashuram, waiting for the person, who is capable of holding it.
Here Ram is meditating, opens his eyes. When asked by Lakshman says he feels someone is calling him.
Ram, Lakshman with Rishi Vishwamira are ready to leave the Aashram. Ram tells Lakshman, he feels something auspicious is going to happen. Then I am eagerly waiting for that, answers Lakshman.

Precap: Sita tells Janak, she wants to do Aavahan of Ma Gauri. At Kailash, Shivji tells Ganga, soon she will see Sita & Ram.
At the Gauri Puja, a Brahmin says Gangajal is over. Sita offers to get Gangajal herself. At the bank of Ganga, she puts her bth the hands in water. On the other side Ram too is taking water in the similar manner.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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