Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 30th January 2013 Written Update

At Gyan sabha rishi Atri says in last Gyan sabha, they have discussed about, anaskti, fear, it’s effects. Today please guide us about Dhan sanchaya (collecting wealth). Shivji says Dhan is needed to fulfill basic needs but Human forgets that, thinks collecting Dhan is the only aim of their life. Greedy person never remembers taking God’s name. Even at the end of life, he feels something is still left to be done, same as that merchanat. He tells a story of a merchanat, who had everything but was always interested in collecting more & more Dhan. Someone told him by doing Vishnuji’s penance one can get more Dhan. He does Vishnuji’s penanace, who appears before the merchant, asks him what does he want? The merchant asks for the entire land on Earth. Vishnuji asks him why does he want so much land? To be Happy is the answer. Vishnuji says definition of happiness is different for everyone. For a Frog living in the Well, the Well is his World. Whatever you can see will become your land. The merchant thnks, if he runs & covers more & more land, he’ll get all of them. He started running, gets tired, dies. This way he had only that much land, he was lying on. He had everything but didn’t enjoy it.

Rishi Atri asks what about those who already have more. Shivji says, whatever is needed for basic needs should be used & rest should be donated to retain balance in the World. But some people are never satisfied with what they have, they still want more & more. Kuber tops this list, he is the wealthiest on this Earth. Kuber has to forget his hunger for wealth, has to understand, his excess wealth is for other’s need. I myself will make him realize that.

Kuber is checking his palace, which is filled with Gold. He finds an empty space, thinks this place should be filled with Gold soon.
Dashanana comes to meet Kuber, calls him. Kuber recognizes his voice comes to meet Dashanana, he thinks Dashanana is eying his wealth. He greets his bro, says he must be going somewhere & had thought of visiting him.

Dashanana says he wants to go to Kailash, will live here for some days till he finds out the way to reach Kailash. Kuber asks him, while he is staying here will he help him in his work? Dashanana agrees. Kuber thinks he’s got a free labourer.
At Kailash Mena tells Paravti, a Bhavan is needed to keep all the family members together. Shivji has left vairagya to marry you, so I am sure he’ll make a Bhavan for you. Now it’s time for me to leave.

Kuber shows his palace to Dashanana, which is full of Gold. They stop at a closed door. Dashanana asks what is in this? Kuber says this is his treasury, only I can open this, you should not be interested in this. Dashanana agrees , points out Vastu dosha in Kuber’s palace, who looks worried, ask where is the Vastu dosha? Dashanana answers only your treasury is correctly placed, rest all is inappropriate. Kuber tells him to correct the doshas. He thinks the best Vastu shastri of this Earth will work free for him, he’ll not pay him anything.

Naradji at Brhma loka, asks Brhmaji, Shivji has decided to teach Kuber a lesson, I am worried, will he punish him? Brhmaji says Kuber has become greedy, has forgotten his duty, Shivji will remind him of what he is expected to do in this World.

Dashanana is getting things rearranged in Kuber’s palace as per Vastu shastra. Kuber is sitting on his aasana, Shivji disguised as a sadhu, saying Jaag Kuber Jag Jogi aaya. Dashanana feels drawn towards this voice, starts wondering whose voice is this, that’s pulling me towards it? He remembers Shivji’s voice, comes running to see the Yogi, keeps on looking at him. May be Shivji is thinking has he find recognized him?

Precap: The Yogi tells Kuber, he doesn’t know how powerful he is in this World. He should arrange a Maha-bhoj. Kuber gets excited agrees for it. Dashanana is seeing this.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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