Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 2nd May 2013 Written Update

So we are in Ujjain…and Nandi stops Dushan from interfering with the puja of the Four Saints…Dushan does a Dusht laugh and says that he is the death of the Worshippers of Mahadev…Nandi retorts back…When Mahadev comes…Everybody is “prabhu prabbhu”

Vrinda’s father talking to Sarpamani (Whose hair dye has gone awefully wrong…conditioner wali hair dye nahi lagai) he is lamenting that his daughter will go away leaving him and blah blah…When Jalandhar interrupts…Vrinda’s father tries introducing Sarpamani…but Jalandhar brushes him aside and asks for Vrinda’s hand in marriage…bechare hone wale Sasurji is all wet behind the ears and says that he is honoured but he has promised Vrinda to Sarpamani…Jalandhar finally acknowledges the man and saunters towards


Jalandhar stands before him and asks him whether he has any objection to Jalandhar marrying Vrinda

Sarpamani says he has no objection..

Indra and his nonsense…asks his people not to be sad
he blames everything on the Tridev…saying that nobody is cooperating…how can he win the war in this situation…Suryadev and Agnidev oppose this decision (Dimaag kharab hai!!) they give him their weapons…and Vishnuji and Brahmadev appear in Indra Sabha and Indra says that he was just going to resign

He says that Indroda doesnot need to resign (he just needs a big kick on his head) and they will give him weapons to fight …Indroda mumbles happily that he might not be able to kill Jalandhar but he will be able to harm him in a way that he would crave his own death!

Vrinda enters the room where Jalandhar is bulldozing her ex fiance into saying tata bye bye and announces that that she doesnot want to marry Asurraj!! Her Father is sweating profusely and asks her to reconsider and they can discuss in private…Vrinda says that he had promised her to Sarpmani…but then she was again promised to Jalandhar…she is not a commodity…Her father sweats more profusely…and then disappears from the scene

And then Vrinda does a Jodha…What you didnt see Jodha Akbar..??? *points at her siggie box* Vrinda tells all and sundry that with strength and fear you can win wars not hearts!!

Jalandhar breaks it seems…He tells Vrinda that in few hours the war is about to start…and that Indra is going to be defeated..but after Vritasur he has understood thatthey will stoop to any level to defeat him…and he might not return…he tells Vrinda that he had no intention to force her to marry him..but he understood that his wish was hers too and that by forcing his decision he was only making her wish come true

Dushan is in a mood to play cricket .so he sends a burning aag ka gola towards Mahadev and Mahadev fields it with his Trishul

On the other side, Kartikeya and Ganesh think that Mahadev is necessary to control Parvati and the Shakti emittting from it…
In Ujjain Mahadev kills Dashan and everybody is happy shappy and all Thank Mahadev that he will always be there for his devotees…
Mahadev says that he will be but Name chanting is not enough..but Karma necessary…Remember this..either there resides fear in you, or me and my Shakti…if you have fear in your heart…then you are giving it more space to the fear than to me…it is imperative you lose fear…chanting my name will give you strength to fight the fear! (Love love this one!! Excellent!! today Jalandhar and Mahadev both excelled …and in their forms so did Mohit!!!)
All agree but they request Mahadev to be present there so that Ujjain again becomes the place of devotion…Mahadev agrees that he will always be there in form of a Jyotirlinga…
Narayan the eternal bua of this show, names the Jyotirlinga as Mahakaleshwar…

The Voiceover gives information of Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga and how it is different as it is south facing…


Update Credit to: Srushti

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