Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd March 2014 Written Update

Sati is arguing with Mahadev and blames him for everything that happened to her, like that tiger attack or the attack on tent or her missing her path in jungle and also for this current attack and says he did all this purposly. she thinks mahadev wants to be part of her sabhya samaj but he has lot of ego to accept it and thats why he made all attacks and then came as saviour so that with the help of sati he might get into her scoceity.. nandi and narad interferes and says do you know whom you are talking to but mahadev stops them and asks nandi to take her away. Sati thinks mahadev stops nandi from revealing his identity coz she thinks they might reveal the truth after this attack and says m going but m not scared from you.

In Vaikunth brahma and vishnuji are talking about

the argument going on between mahadev and sati. brahmadev is worried but vishnuji says they are just playing their part and that time is near wen they both will realise each others identity.

In forest Daksh and Saptrishi are on their way to the tents where Sati and her sisters are staying.Daksh stops at one place and look at kailash and says the reason for sati gone missing can be kailash and its residents but Rishi Kashyap says she went in forest on her own and is not been kidnapped. then daksh ask rishi bhrigu to ifnd out grah nakshatra of kailash to find out whether sati is there or not, but rishi Atri interferes and says kailash is far from grah nakshatra.

here Sati accompained by Nandi and ganpret returns to her tents. Sati asks Nandi and others to leave immediately as her soldiers have seen them all attacking her tents that night and they might kill them and says your swami saved my life once so m returning his favour by saving your life now. meanwhile sati’s sisters comes out and sees sati with nandi and are worreid seeing them but sati says not to worry as they helped me to find the way out of forest. before leaving nandi asks her to think about watever she said to my prabhu.

Mahadev is surrounded by volcanoes and is Angry!!! bhramadev and vishnu come to the place to calm him. and says you are angry coz sati went away and this has happened wenever shakti goes away from you. but mahadev says i was never alone , nor m i or m not gonna be alone ever. vishnuji says Sati is Adishakti and has born to unite with you. and this behaviour of your can destroy this world. but Mahadev says world is gonna destroy someday then why not now??? and says wen we know the future then why you all want this milan to happen??? i cant accept her…asks for Ekanth!!!!!!!

in Rishi Dadichi’s ashram rishi dadichi is worried for Mahadev and talks to her wife about an Yagya that he want, but have no reason, but his wife ask “wen you have no reason then why you want to do the yagya and for what???Rishi dadichi says, shiv had showed him path and now too he will show him path.

Nandi and Ganpret are back in forest and searching for mahadev but some kind of energy stops them from entering the place where Mahadev is in dhyaan.Devarshi Narad comes there and tells thme not to worry and narrate them the story of Mahadev and Adishakti, their seperation and how Adishakti is back as DEvi sati to reunite with mahadev. nandi asks for any help from his side to which narad says dont worry soon everything wil be fine you just go back to kailash.

Sati is getting ready in her tent, she is lost in her thoughts her sisters ask s her the reason, Sati says she was thinking about that unknown person whom she met in forest, she says he saved my life, he is a veer, a brave man. and says i want to go out to which her sister stops her, but sati argues being daksh kanya why m i restricted to do the things which i want to. why i cant roam freely, why so many rules for her???

In vaikunth, narad says mahadev is so angry to which vishnuji says he will help mahadev to burst his anger out.

in forest, Kaamdev is practicing how to hit the target with bow wen narad ji enters and says that there’s one forest which is deprived of love and is full of viyog. kaamdev leaves to reach that forest on his vahan which is a parrot. after reaching there he strikes three bows in to the forest. soon a change began in forest. in the same forest Mahadev was sitting in dhyan. bow had its effect and while in dhyaan mahadev has flashbacks of sati and soon he comes out of his dhyaan. Mahadev comes to the place where kaamdev was standing and gets angry on him and is about to kill him with his trishul but kaamdev ask for apology and says i was just doing my duty assigned by brahmadev and vishnuji. mahadev says m leaving you now, dont repeat your mistake coz next time i will turn you into ashes.

at night, sati has a dream of kailash and she wakes uo and is about to leave for kailash but her sisters stop her and takes her back to the tent.

Precap: mahadev is back to kailash, nandi is worried as to wen mahadev will be out of his dhyaan. vishnuji and bhramadev comes there and theenergy of all three mixes and mahadev is back to his true form without any beard or moustache and here sati is moving towards kailash.

Update Credit to: foram

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