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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with behula takes oath that i will not take meal until my husband will totally cured. Kartikayan and Ganesh chat with each other and says, mansa and behula both belongs to our family. Behula is part of our mother and mansa is of father. But behula will win in it. Behula want to prove her boon and mansa is opposing of father.
Diti scolded mansa and says, why will you do this laxmidhar. Who are you to give challenge to mahadev. Then mansa says, who is mahadev to give challenge. I only says to him that make me goddess. Then he says, go and make my devotee yours. Mansa brother’s comes and says, mahadev has given your opportunity to understand yourself that you are not right to become goddess right now. Mansa says to proudly that if you dont want to support me then stay

away from me and chandradhar is only starting, i will punish to whole world, if any one will not worship me and this will done by chandradhar.
Here behula worship Mahadev. Mansa comes and says, if you want to worship mahadev then do but there is wastage only i can give life to your husband. Behula says, i trust Mahadev and i know he will definitely come and save my husband. Mansa says, i also want that you worship mahadev because when your trust broken down then you will know your boon. Behula says, i will married. Mansa says, just look at your husband, is it really living? Chandradhar will have to worship me otherwise you cannot be as married. Mansa laugh of behula. She says, do you really think that mahadev will definitely come and save your husband? Or he is giving boon to some others person. If you will do the same for some needy person then you will become goddess in front of his eyes. Do you know that mahadev likes dance but can you really dance in that situation. Behula says, only my husband is important for me. I will dance for my husband and i will dance until mahadev will come and cure my husband. Chandradhar says, dont get in mansa’s wordings.
Brahma ji converse with vishnu ji and he says, mahadev and mata will busy in meditation and behula is not taking meal. this is really critical situation. Vishnu ji says, mahadev will not come out from meditation until you will not give boon to mata. Brahma ji comes in front of mata and says, devi, you have completed your penance. Now you can transform yourself as devi parvati. Mata transform herself.
Mata parvati gives thanks to brahma ji and says, now i feel calm and now i will return back to kailash. Brahma ji says, but devi, first of all, you have to bring back out to mahadev from penance. Devi says, why? Brahma jisays, its all due to mansa. Then brahma ji tells complete incident. Only you can do this task to bring out mahadev from penance.
Mata comes to kailash and meet with kartikayan and Ganesh ji and hug them. Ganesh ji says to mata that we all are tensed due to behula and mansa case. Brahma ji says, dont worry ganesh, now mata will sort this problem. Mata calls mahadev and mahadev opens his eyes. Here behula dance for mahadev.
Mansa says to her that do more dance because i know he will not arise for you, my father had prayed him for whole life but mahadev will not arise.

Precap:- Behula fall down and mahadev comes and says to chandradhar that mansa will bring out her venom from Laxmidhar.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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